Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chageling Contracts Part 4 of 4

Cantrips are little individually wrapped mini contracts that cost less and can be purchased out of order. They are cheap because they are all tragically flawed in some way, like strippers.


all Cantrips are learned separately and have some sort of flaw attached to them. they all cost (3 times the level of the contract) - 1 experience to learn. You do not need to learn them in any particular order on may start with a level 3 then progress to 2 then 4. as with all contracts they cost a glamour to use in addition to any other price listed.

Level 1 cantrips

Trading luck for fate: refreshes one skill as per a willpower refresh, this still cannot refresh the same skill a second time but can refresh an additional skill that round. Catch: must lose the temporary use of resources 2 gambling that evening. Flaw: lose 2 temporary willpower next round.

Shooter's Bargain: caster gains 1 trait on next firearms challenge. catch: must be firing a silver bullet. Flaw: simple test (must win) or gun jams irreparably when next fired (the shot after the shot with the bonus)

level 2 cantrips

Diviner's Madness: cost 1 investigation. Effect:as per the thaumaturgical ritual Scry with no casting time Catch: must use silver basin worth resources 3 and fill with squid ink Flaw: caster suffers a 1 trait penalty to conviction until sunrise the next day, multiple uses of the spell increase this penalty.

Fair Entrance: Cost 1 security. Effect: character wins ties on all security challenges to break in to an area. Catch: must sing while power is in effect, if they stop singing before the break in is over the power ends. note this is a security not a stealth challenge, guards will likely hear singing. Flaw: Character loses ties on any attempts to break into their property for 1 day per use of power.

Fool's Gold: Cost 1 Academics. Effect: create from random crud, cash worth the temporary expenditure of resources 1 i.e. leaves to dollars, buttons to coins. This cash returns to its true form at dawn the next day. Flaw Character suffers a -1 mental trait penalty until the cash regains its true form. multiple uses of this cantrip, and its concurrent penalty stacks.

Level 3 cantrips

Burden of Life: Cost 1 glamour. Effect: Caster must touch a damaged target within 15 minutes of their wound occurring. (older wounds are not healed) the wound is transferred to the caster along with any other wounds the target takes for the next hour. If the caster takes enough damage to die, the wounds in their entirety leave the caster and reappear at once on the target. the caster is unharmed. if the hour passes without the caster taking enough wounds to kill them the wounds stay on the caster. Catch Target must be related by blood or marriage to Caster. Flaw power cannot work on anyone the caster has harmed itself.

Doom of Damocles: Cost 1 Glamour. all of the damage up to 20 levels is negated from a single attack. the next attack that hits the character does all of the damage of both hits put together, if the character is not hit a second time the damage appears at midnight that night. Catch:the damage being absorbed by the power is from the caster being attacked from surprise by a trusted friend. Flaw: Cannot delay damage done by Cold Iron

Level 4 cantrips

Haruspex aka "Gut Feeling": Cost 1 willpower. Effect: caster can ask one simple question that can be answered in 50 words or less to the staff and get a straight, informative, useful answer. Catch : must read the answer in the entrails of one's enemies. Flaw: they cannot attempt to communicate this information to others for 24 hours and are struck mute for the same time.

Cry of Terror: Cost 1 willpower. Effect:caster summons as per the power summon up to 5 people with whom she must share a court, kith, or oathcircle. Catch: subject must have caster as an intimacy Flaw:caster cannot be at full health when cry is activated.

Level 5 cantrips

Best Friend Forever: cost 1 willpower each and resources 3 worth of tattoo inks. Effects both participants in this cantrip must know the cantrip in question and must get matching tattoos. At any time either one can spend a willpower and if their friend spends a willpower the initiator teleports to the recipient's location tattoos touching each other regardless of intervening space, barriers or constraints. when this is done the tattoos fade. the tattoos are a complexity 3 crafts challenge. Catch: teleporting character is spending their last willpower. Flaw both characters take a level of bashing as the inks rip out of their flesh

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