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Clarity is a measure of how closely a changeling's senses hew to the tapestry of creation. How well they can see what is actually going on. Their alien perspective can sometimes grant the kind of insight only an outsider can have on a situation.

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Clarity is the connection between the changeling's senses and the tapestry of creation. an average human sees the world as if they had a clarity of 6. Clarity works as a measure of sanity as well as the capacity of the changeling to see what is really going on, mundane or otherwise.

Clarity is equal to conviction + temperance to start but can change with play.

A changeling's clarity cannot exceed 10 - their Wyrd

Clarity has breaking points. If a character performs an action listed as a breaking point they face a temperance challenge equal to the difference between the point and their rating. For example if Sam has a clarity of 7 and kills a changeling (a lvl 5 problem) it is a difficulty 2 Temperance challenge or lose a clarity. Anyone who takes a Code of Honor loses a point of clarity, no test if they break the tenets of their code.

10 - Bodily entering the Never Never, Dream Crafting, Using magic to accomplish a task when it could be done just as well without. Minor Unexpected life changes i.e. the canceling of one's favorite tv show.

9 - Knowingly using Tokens or other magical Items, Going a day without human contact,

8 - Breaking mundane promises or commitments, Having someone else break a commitment to attend to faerie matters. Changing courts, Major life changes, being Threatened with eviction, being fired, breaking up, injuring a mortal.

7 - Taking psychotropic drugs. Serious unexpected life changes e.g. sudden illness, house is broken into

6 - Revealing one's true form to a mortal, going a week without human contact, obvious displays of magic in front of witnesses, being injured.

5 - Killing another changeling, killing a fetch

4 - breaking formal oaths or pledges, Extreme unexpected life changes such as pregnancy or losing one's home.

3 - Ravaging, Being Ravaged (see dream crafting), Going a month without human contact. Kidnapping, Being Kidnapped Having No mortal or mundane world intimacies.

2 - Killing a mortal, having no intimacies

1 - Going to the ever after, one month of contact with a true fae or intimate contact with a true fae Abandoning one's current mortal identity. torturing or being tortured.

Clarity consequences

10 - +3 traits to perception Kenning Power, 3 retests per kenning use

9 - +2 traits to perception Kenning Power, 2 retests per kenning use

8 - +1 traits to perception Kenning Power. 2 retests per kenning use

7 - Kenning Power

6 - Kenning Power

5 - -1 to all perception

4 - -1 to all perception -1 to all empathy challenges

3 - -2 to all perception -1 to empathy, -1 to all socials interacting with mortals

2 - -2 to all perception -2 to all empathy -2 to all socials interacting with mortals

1 - -3 to all perception -2 to all empathy -3 to all socials interacting with mortals

0 - Catatonia, Wyld Madness, Generate New Character, your former fae master is alerted to this and may react.

The Kenning power is an automatic discipline retest on any awareness challenge. It also can be called for actively to tell what creatures/items/circumstances in the area are supernatural in nature. Kenning will also tell the user the nature of the spell/item/creature as per auspex 2.

Regaining lost clarity - spend exp, teaching helps as normal.

Celerity is a word that means very fast. It is the name of a power that in old world of darkness vampire tabletop makes you win combat. In Traditional larp combat it is a power that people who do not have access to thaumaturgy or obtenebration use to win combats with other lesser characters. In Requiem larp and tabletop it is a power that gives you cool bullet time special effects and make you look like you're going fast but ultimately does nothing of significance. In our larp system it is a power that means very fast.

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