Saturday, April 4, 2009

Changeling Morality


Morality - In place of one's nature and demeanor, a changeling regains willpower from their motivation. A motivation must be a goal or task. When achieving a portion of one's goal, or action in the furtherance of their goal a character may at the staff's discretion regain a willpower. Changelings have four virtues.

Compassion - the character's empathy and forgiveness

Conviction - a character's resistance to physical or mental pain and hardship

Temperance - a character's self control and clearheadedness

Valor - a character's bravery and courage

A person's starting Clarity is their Conviction plus Temperance

Starting Wyrd is 1

Glamor - Valor+Compassion+Wyrd

everyone starts with 9 dots of virtues, with one free in each.

A character can spend as much of their glamor pool as they like per turn.

Willpower starts at 3 + lowest virtue and has a maximum of 7 + lowest virtue.

Characters have a number of intimacies equal to their compassion. an intimacy is a noun, person place thing or ideal, a character is up one trait on challenges dealing with their intimacies. intimacies cannot be changed except by losing a point of compassion and when a new point is purchased a new intimacy is chosen.

Trait max = 12 +2 for primary +1 for secondary.


Notes on changeling condition.

changelings take an additional level of damage from cold Iron and also continue to bleed from lethal damage.

They also heal as per changeling healing chart.
Changelings have no soul and no True name. effects targeting either fail utterly for no discernible reason. A changeling who has no fetch still has gained something in place of a soul so diagnostic and various sensory powers that sense the soul can function however the soul is a little "off" to the reader. Powers that affect the soul however (obeah, soul steal, etc) still have no effect for good or ill. A changeling that has reduced their Wyrd to 0 Has both a true name and a true soul. A changeling cannot reduce their Wyrd to 0 while they still have a fetch.

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