Monday, April 27, 2009

Wyld Mutations 3 of 4

The "Mark" Of QualityImage by drp via Flickr

(marky) Marks:

lvl 1 -
Skin and hair changed color - no game effect, just bring some manic panic to next larp
Fur and feathers - very obvious. lose one social trait gain 1 physical trait even if this takes one above maximum.
Tail - purely cosmetic, just a tail
Talons, Tusks, Horns - Attacks do lethal damage, these natural weapons cannot be retracted.

lvl 2 -
frog tongue - creature grows a tongue or if it has a tongue it grows to be a 2 trait reach weapon that does 1 bashing and can be used to grapple. they however take a 1 trait social penalty as their speech is slurred.
Amphibian Gills - can breathe comfortably underwater and on land, suffers a -2 physical trait penalty on all challenges to resist toxin
Third eye - character loses a social trait but gains a mental trait on perception from an extra functional eye on some point on their body.

lvl 3
Possum tail - grappling weapon that does 1 bashing, does not take up a hand. using it gives a 2 trait penalty to actions performed with Tail.
Extra mouth - provides a creature or object with the ability to speak if it does not already have it.
Rock eater - character eats something that isn't standard food, wood, small rocks, blood, fire etc. they cannot digest regular food. their requirement must be capable of fitting in the character's mouth and not be immediately fatal to humans.

lvl 4
Toxin - can make a toxin coat their claws or teeth that converts one level of their damage to ag. toxin affects the creator so must be spat out or used within 1 round of secretion or the creator takes an ag
Extra legs - character is up 4 traits against being moved against their will and has an additional step per round.
Lemur Eyes - character's eyes grow to the size of saucers, they can see in complete darkness as the eyes softly glow. they however are 1 trait down on resisting supernatural powers that require eye contact.
Gender change - character changes gender to male, female, both or neuter from whatever they are now.

lvl 5
Rhino hide - skin acts as lvl 2 hard armor, with all associated penalties
Glide - does not have a bruised health level as they have hollow bones but may also glide from high places or from a jump , gliding 1 step per action and taking no damage from falling.
Barbs - character has spines barbs or quills growing out of their skin, their unarmed damage is lethal, anyone hugging, contacting or grappling them takes a level of lethal damage.
Gecko feet - character can climb walls and ceilings if on all fours and without gloves or footwear. they must have at least 3 limbs touching the surface at all times or they will plummet. can move at 1 step per action. -2 traits to manipulate fine objects like keyboards, pencils, etc

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