Friday, April 17, 2009

Kiths 3 of 6

Elementals: people who are part element Blessing:can spend glamour on physicals as per vampire. adds their Wyrd rating to their health levels. Curse -3 to all non intimidate social challenges. their contract is the contract of elements.
Elemental Kiths
Air: Blessing: +3 steps at no penalty
Earth: Blessing: Discipline retest on defense as per skitterskulk
Fire: Blessing: Discipline retest on offense as per might but works on firearms and not on any defense.
Metal: Blessing: can learn contracts of artifice at ((3xdesired)-1) an additional crafts skill retest even if this takes the character above 5
Storm: Blessing: discipline retest on all leadership and intimidation tests.
Water: Blessing: can breathe underwater and swim at running rates as per swimmerskins
Wood: Blessing: Discipline retest on all survival or animal ken

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