Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kiths 6 of 6

Wizened:rumplestiltskin, shoe gnomes, servant beings and crafters. Blessing: can spend glamour on mentals as vampires do on physicals. gets a merit retest to crafts and etiquette (can call etiquette as many times as they like) . Curse -3 socials on any non-etiquette social challenges. Their contract is artifice.
Artist: makes art objects. Blessing: discipline retest on expression challenges
Brewer: Makes drinks and drugs. Blessing: Cannot become poisoned or intoxicated
Chatelain: Butlers, servants. Blessing: discipline retest on empathy and politics.
Chairurgeon: doctors. Blessing: discipline retest on all medicine challenges, all patients heal as though they had the benefits of the best equipment during convalescence
Oracle: seers, astrologers, Blessing: Discipline retest on all perception based challenges
Smith: smiths Blessing: all crafts challenges are one category lower in difficulty.
Soldier: soldiers Blessing: Character is considered to have a specialty in any weapon they are wielding including improvised ones.
Woodwalker: wardens, rangers, Blessing:Discipline retest on all survival or animal ken challenges

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