Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seemings and Kiths Part 1 of 6

Seemings and Kiths

Seemings are the shape of the character's soul in broad terms. The shape into which they were forged by their Fey Masters. They come in six varieties, these are: Beasts, Darklings, Elementals, Fairest, Ogres, and Wizened.

Beasts: Beasts all have some sort of animal feature. The Blessing granted by their bestial nature are a merit retest to any challenge versus an animal (nonhuman), They can also spend glamour to raise their social traits as per vampires spending blood for physicals. Their Curse: the character suffers a 3 trait penalty on all mental challenges not involving animal ken or survival. Yes they get screwed on defensive mentals. Their Contract is that of Fang and Talon.
Beast kiths:
Broadback - big dray beasts, Camels, Elephants, Horses, Mules, Etc.
Blessing: +2 traits on all defensive physical challenges
Hunterheart - Large Predatory, Wolves Bears, Wildcats Crocodiles
Blessing: All unarmed attacks do Lethal instead of bashing
Runnerswift - Fast Prey, Hares, Rabbits, Antelopes,
Blessing: 3 additional steps at no penalty.
Skitterskulk - Creepy Insects, flies, spiders, centipedes
Blessing: Additional Discipline retest to defense/dodge
Steepscrambler - arboreal critters monkeys, raccoons, squirrels, geckos
Blessing: can climb any surface at no step penalty
Swimmerskin - aquatic critters, fish, otters, mermaids
Blessing: can breathe underwater and swim at full running speed
Venombite - venomous critters spiders, snakes, platypus
Blessing: must make a grapple, when in a grapple can spend a glamour for an unarmed attack that does additional damage equal to characters Wyrd
Windwing - flying critters, birds, butterflies and bats
Blessing: can fly, poorly 1 step per round

any animal that doesn't fit in these categories may fit into one of the other kiths as they have animal and mythical beats templates.

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