Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wyld Mutations 4 of 4

Blue BlightImage by TheoJunior via Flickr

(Doctor) Blights


lvl 1
Diminish - lose one physical trait
Moon mood - lose one social traits while the moon is in the sky.
Broken horn, Long nails - as per talons tusks and horns but no effect, the bone is still brittle fingernail and is entirely unhelpful.

lvl 2
Wither - lose 2 physical traits
Moon mercurial - lose 2 social traits while the moon is in the sky
Cat tail- user gets +1 to balance but loses 3 traits on any subterfuge or etiquette. tail is not useful for anything and is in no way under the user's control.

lvl 3
Short - as per short flaw in lotn
Moon babble - lose 3 social traits while the moon is in the sky
Ugly - lose 2 social traits on any non intimidate social challenge
Hungry maw - lose 1 mental trait as an extra mouth whispers foul blasphemies to the character at random intervals from some point on their body,
Extra eyes - character loses 2 social traits from having extra eyes at various points on their body, these eyes are non functional
Infertile - exactly what it sounds like

lvl 4
Dulled Lustre - cannot raise social traits above 10
Fish Gills - cannot breathe on land, lungs atrophy, must breathe water
Envenomed - character's body at various intervals becomes toxic and rots off, acting as a permanent aggravated wound. if it is healed it will come back in 24 hours
Bizarre diet - character must eat some rare, hard to get, or disgusting material to survive. silver, jade, the flesh of the innocent.
Night blindness - character cannot see at all in darkness, is considered blind (2 traits down and a retest against them). also in actual pitch darkness they are 3 traits down instead of 2.
Allergy - character takes an extra health level of damage from some substance

lvl 5
Glass hide - character suffers a 2 step penalty and -2 on all physicals as their skin has turned to glass.
Vestigial Wings - character has hollow bones removing their bruised health level they also are down 2 physicals as they have useless wings sprouting from their back, these wings are purely vestigial and cannot even assist a character in gliding.
Pierced - the character's body is run through with thorny vines, jagged glass or bits of nails, any attempt to move faster than 2 steps per action will cause them a level of lethal damage. also any bashing damage done to them is instantly converted to lethal.
Katamari - things randomly stick to character. they stay stuck for 1 to 3 hours. if the thing is heavier than the character can lift they are stuck. when a character comes into contact with an object or surface, there is a test, win or tie they do not stick. keep in mind a character suffers trait penalties when burdened.
Decomposing - character loses 1 physical trait per day spent outside of the never never
Extra head - no particular game effect it's just another head growing out of somewhere. If one of the heads is cut off you still die.

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