Monday, April 6, 2009

never is enough

the Never Never

0 reality Regain 0 glamour per night

1 Dreamtime Regain 1 Glamour per night

2 Hedge/Looking Glass Regain 3 Glamour Per night

3 The Realm Fantastique/Neverland/The Ever After/Mirrorlands Refill Glamour Completely each night.

4 The Outer Edge/The Far Side

5 Primal Chaos

The first edge of the never is the dreamtime. it is the echoes and reflections of the dreams of the world . this is similar to the penumbra effectively except for the small pearls formed when someone is asleep or actively dreaming. These pearls can be entered through oneiromancy but otherwise are bubbles of dream that surround and protect sleeping mortals. Throughout the Dreamtime and the entire never never are songlines. travel is easier along songlines (takes only 75% of time) and if the traveler knows the right key to a given songline they may find themselves moving up to 100 times their speed along their journeys. All changelings even in the physical world if they travel along the place where a songline runs in the border dreaming move more quickly. Permanent songlines are worn into the landscape between places of great power or great emotional importance. large crowds, festivals or great events can generate temporary songlines pulling the creatures of the never never into their orbit. Any changeling that sets upon these border songlines may be pulled aside into these happenings. The Dreamtime covers the whole world in width but is only one realm deep, in some rare places 2 realms deep anyone pushing deeper into the Never Never heads into the Wyld proper.

Songlines also lead deeper into the Never never, out of the Dreamtime and into the edge of the Wyld.

The first stage of the Wylds, second stage of the never never for those keeping score, often called the hedge or the Looking Glass Realm. The Looking Glass realm is much like our own except twisted and warped in some ways. Fires may burn Green, the Trees may be made of bone, a garden could grow fragrant crystal flowers. it is in these places mutations begin. more on that in mutations section. Here there are waypoints places devoted to an emotion or aesthetic. a lover's garden of opal and ruby, an ancient battlefield where the hearts of the fallen grow on strange trees. The land between waypoints still exists and there are approximately one waypoint every 30 miles or so, travel along a songline though will cause one to get to the next waypoint in anywhere between an hour and a round key dependent. Leaving the songline's however is not only possible but a way of construction new waypoints. the land is mostly stable and changes only occur over the span of months. a hill will not become a mountain overnight, not a desert to a lake. Over the course of a month A hill might become a heap of garbage in a dump, or grow to be a fairly sized cliff.
Songlines can lead one deeper into the Never Never, 20 waypoints deep. On the whole it is about 20 waypoints wide as well. The Millions of places of power in the dreamtime winnow down to the mere hundreds in the Hedge after you do 20 waypoints in, the 21st is in:

the Realm Fantastique, Neverland, the Ever After. this is the closest to reality the True Fae can come without taking crushing damage. This is the area from which most of the characters escaped. Places between waypoints are no longer relevant. The journey from one to another is "a maze of twisty corridors all alike", or "a multi hued pebbled highway. Here one should not step off the path. Never step off the path. Travel that is not along a songline leads to instant mutation and calls dark and terrible things to devour the unwary traveler. even should they survive the things the Wyld itself eats the character's Clarity at a rate of a point per round. Travel along a songline is comparatively safe one only meets the various denizens of the waypoints and freeholds of the fae. In this realm, the one glamour cost to activate any contract is waived. Here the realm changes constantly except when nailed in place by the will of a Lord. The hills skip like rams, the mountains like lambs. over the course of a day a volcano may become a geyser then a fountain and finally an asphalt parking lot. The hundreds of Looking Glass waypoints choke down to a mere 6 or so waypoints wide. Almost every waypoint here is occupied or was once occupied by a fae lord. Those places not under the thumb of a being of such power tend to drift apart and lose importance. The fey that choose to live such a base and physical existence are few.
The songlines do not end here. Neverland is 60 waypoints deep (although this number varies it is never less than 50 or more than 66).

The Outer Edge, The Far side, A thin band around the edge of the Mirrorlands maybe 2 to three waypoints deep hold the last skin on reality before the very end. Here are no distinctly different places or waypoints., A tree might flower in a moment, drop its leaves which become birds that are devoured by a chorus of aerial singing pigs. the area defies description save that large swaths seem to have a theme of some sort. The Fae here are truly at home, answering to no logic form or continuity, they change with the protean landscape. Things here are entirely defined by their virtues, their physical form has no true meaning. Beings here know nothing of the humdrum realm of Earth and care even less. Clarity immediately drops to one for all present. Contracts have no cost. The ragged edges of songlines still run. All the way into:

Primal chaos, even the Fae do not send their consciousness to this place. it is a realm of unreason, to gaze upon it is to be dissolved. All virtues are lost at a rate of one per round. Clarity becomes 0.

Song Lines

All song lines can be used for the activation cost of one glamour. All song lines have a catch that can defray this cost. The catch can be anything from a song to a feeling to a rose. every song line has a power rating the rating is the average of the power ratings of the two points it connects. Travel time along a song line is divided 2 at rating 1, divided by 3 at rating 2, 4 at 3 and so on. Large crowds or important events can deform a song line like gravity distorting space or a whirlpool pulling water. These major events essentially form temporary waypoints of varying power, feeding a song line.

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