Monday, April 20, 2009

Ogres kiths 5 of 6

Ogres: about what they sound like, trolls too so they could be short. Blessing:Can spend glamor for physicals as per vampire. gets a merit retest on intimidate challenges and challenges to resist intimidate. Curse -2 penalty to all temperance challenges and -1 to all compassion challenges. Contract is contracts of stone.
Cyclopean: mutated big guy, missing a foot or an eye or has an extra eye or something
Blessing: Discipline retest on all survival or investigate challenges
Farwalker: yeti, sasquatch etc
Blessing: Discipline retest on all stealth and subterfuge, also character cannot be photographed without spending a willpower as per vampires.
Gargantuan: giants, big guys+gals, paul freaking bunyan
Blessing: 2 extra health levels
Gristlegrinder: redcaps, rakshasa, jason
Blessing: Bite does aggravated damage
Stonebones: Stone type trolls, rock trolls
Blessing: defensive only discipline retest as per earth elemental
Water dweller: Bog critters, swamp hags, bridge trolls
Blessing: can breathe underwater and move at full speed as per other water kiths

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