Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wyld Mutations 2 of 4

Poisoning of Queen Bona.Image via Wikipedia


lvl 1
claws/fangs - your attacks do lethal damage, the claws and fangs are retractable
enhanced sense - +1 mental to perception challenges, also non obvious
working tail - +1 to athletics

lvl 2
chameleon - +2 trait on all stealth challenges
Mer-gills - can breathe comfortably on land or water as one sees fit, no visible mutation except when underwater.
Prehensile tail - gains a 2 trait, grappling weapon that does 1 bashing, does not take up a hand.

lvl 3
true omnivore - character can get nourishment out of any digestible material, it need not have nutritive value but it cannot be toxic.
enhanced cognition - gain 1 mental trait

lvl 4
Gigantic - as per huge size merit
Poison - character can at will secrete a poison that coats their hands or mouth that they themselves are immune to. the poison converts 1 level of damage to ag
wall climbing - character can cling to walls like spiderman for no discernible reason. moves at 1/2 speed rounded down
Blind sense - allows character to see in complete darkness but not fog or smoke or other obscuring conditions
quick step - has additional step per round
Aura of inspiration - character has an additional social trait.

lvl 5
Armored hide - skin acts as lvl 1 soft armor.
Wings- flies at 1 step per action
Spiked - retractable quills can exit the character's skin causing their unarmed damage to be lethal and any who grapple them or attack them bare handed to take a level of lethal damage
Wellspring - character regenerates 1 lethal health level per day
Redundant organs - character has an extra health level
Enhanced fecundity- if the creature has a gestation cycle it is reduced to 1/4 time. if it does not, it gets one with a rate of 1 child per year.

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