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Courts (wall of text) part 1 of 5

The Federal Administrative Court of GermanyImage by // solidether via Flickr

The Courts.
The four changeling courts give protection and power to changelings. The true Fey understand the world in a very specific way. In the primal chaos, things are either always the same and immune to the change of their environment or once they change they are changed. A dog may turn into a lamppost and that lamppost into a lemur but it will likely never turn into a dog again, there are so many other shapes it could be. The idea of Cyclical change is as bizarre and alien to the Fey as time travel paradox is to humans, Some of they Fey may talk about it but they don't get it and definitely wouldn't know how to go about making one. The courts may not like each other and may fight over succession or the order of passage of power but all of them know deeply that whatever power they have they must regularly pass to their rivals in the other courts lest they all fall. The Wheel of the seasons may turn forward or backward or out of order but it must turn.
Each court has a virtue associated with it. Winter is Temperance, Summer exemplifies Valor, Spring drinks deeply of Compassion and Fall draws their strength from their Conviction. In order learn the Fleeting contracts of a court you must be a member of a court of have a court's favor of 4 or higher. Every rank can bestow a number of points of favor equal to their rank. To become a member of a court one must have 5 points of favor from that court. To rise in rank in a court one is either promoted by someone of Rank 4 or higher or earns their place by making pacts with the spirits of the seasons themselves. This is a difficult and dangerous process.
Ephemeral court members have no rank in the court, not even a rank of 0, they can be ephemeral members of several courts and their ephemeral contracts will continue to function for as long as they have a single point of court favor in the appropriate court. Ephemeral powers return when favor returns.
Eternal court members have access to all ephemeral contracts and access to eternal contracts equal to their level of rank. To be ennobled of a rank the character must have that court's governing virtue equal to the rank they are gaining. not all of those with virtues at such levels gain rank, and once a character gains a rank their virtues might fall due to trauma they will not lose rank for this drop in virtue although they are encouraged to maintain a virtue equal to their rank.
In Delaware in specific, the Court of Diamond has decreed that those that Host a Freehold are a rank higher while they host. Meaning whomever leads a Corroborative has their rank increased by one until the next Corroborre. This increase of rank can only take place if the changeling to be increased has an appropriate virtue at the appropriate level.
All courts must obey the right of rescue, No matter what court another belongs to, they are bound by oath to rescue a member of a court from kidnapping from anything be if Fey, mortal Police, or whatever else may kidnap a changeling >cough< Lasombra >cough<. There are seven other laws, unique to each court that all members must swear to. Their oaths are not binding with glamour but they may as they see fit take each court's code as a Code of Honour as per the Vampire Codes of Honor with the virtue protection and willpower that comes with said codes.
Each rank has its own titles for each court as follows:
summer winter spring fall
0 - citizen, apprentice, lantern, Acolyte
1 - knight, journeyman, Midwife, deacon
2 - baron, Master, Nurse, brother
3 - count, Doctor, Doctor, father
4 - Duke, Enlightened, Cadecus, Grandfather
5 - Prince, Sophont, Angel, Patriarch

As a note - if one takes these as codes of honor, their eight rules are the rule of rescue and these other seven codes. With a code of honor, the changeling gets 2 willpower per night to spend in the defense of their code. violating their code provokes a challenge vs the virtue of their court or else lose a point of clarity.

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Wyld Mutations 4 of 4

Blue BlightImage by TheoJunior via Flickr

(Doctor) Blights


lvl 1
Diminish - lose one physical trait
Moon mood - lose one social traits while the moon is in the sky.
Broken horn, Long nails - as per talons tusks and horns but no effect, the bone is still brittle fingernail and is entirely unhelpful.

lvl 2
Wither - lose 2 physical traits
Moon mercurial - lose 2 social traits while the moon is in the sky
Cat tail- user gets +1 to balance but loses 3 traits on any subterfuge or etiquette. tail is not useful for anything and is in no way under the user's control.

lvl 3
Short - as per short flaw in lotn
Moon babble - lose 3 social traits while the moon is in the sky
Ugly - lose 2 social traits on any non intimidate social challenge
Hungry maw - lose 1 mental trait as an extra mouth whispers foul blasphemies to the character at random intervals from some point on their body,
Extra eyes - character loses 2 social traits from having extra eyes at various points on their body, these eyes are non functional
Infertile - exactly what it sounds like

lvl 4
Dulled Lustre - cannot raise social traits above 10
Fish Gills - cannot breathe on land, lungs atrophy, must breathe water
Envenomed - character's body at various intervals becomes toxic and rots off, acting as a permanent aggravated wound. if it is healed it will come back in 24 hours
Bizarre diet - character must eat some rare, hard to get, or disgusting material to survive. silver, jade, the flesh of the innocent.
Night blindness - character cannot see at all in darkness, is considered blind (2 traits down and a retest against them). also in actual pitch darkness they are 3 traits down instead of 2.
Allergy - character takes an extra health level of damage from some substance

lvl 5
Glass hide - character suffers a 2 step penalty and -2 on all physicals as their skin has turned to glass.
Vestigial Wings - character has hollow bones removing their bruised health level they also are down 2 physicals as they have useless wings sprouting from their back, these wings are purely vestigial and cannot even assist a character in gliding.
Pierced - the character's body is run through with thorny vines, jagged glass or bits of nails, any attempt to move faster than 2 steps per action will cause them a level of lethal damage. also any bashing damage done to them is instantly converted to lethal.
Katamari - things randomly stick to character. they stay stuck for 1 to 3 hours. if the thing is heavier than the character can lift they are stuck. when a character comes into contact with an object or surface, there is a test, win or tie they do not stick. keep in mind a character suffers trait penalties when burdened.
Decomposing - character loses 1 physical trait per day spent outside of the never never
Extra head - no particular game effect it's just another head growing out of somewhere. If one of the heads is cut off you still die.

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Wyld Mutations 3 of 4

The "Mark" Of QualityImage by drp via Flickr

(marky) Marks:

lvl 1 -
Skin and hair changed color - no game effect, just bring some manic panic to next larp
Fur and feathers - very obvious. lose one social trait gain 1 physical trait even if this takes one above maximum.
Tail - purely cosmetic, just a tail
Talons, Tusks, Horns - Attacks do lethal damage, these natural weapons cannot be retracted.

lvl 2 -
frog tongue - creature grows a tongue or if it has a tongue it grows to be a 2 trait reach weapon that does 1 bashing and can be used to grapple. they however take a 1 trait social penalty as their speech is slurred.
Amphibian Gills - can breathe comfortably underwater and on land, suffers a -2 physical trait penalty on all challenges to resist toxin
Third eye - character loses a social trait but gains a mental trait on perception from an extra functional eye on some point on their body.

lvl 3
Possum tail - grappling weapon that does 1 bashing, does not take up a hand. using it gives a 2 trait penalty to actions performed with Tail.
Extra mouth - provides a creature or object with the ability to speak if it does not already have it.
Rock eater - character eats something that isn't standard food, wood, small rocks, blood, fire etc. they cannot digest regular food. their requirement must be capable of fitting in the character's mouth and not be immediately fatal to humans.

lvl 4
Toxin - can make a toxin coat their claws or teeth that converts one level of their damage to ag. toxin affects the creator so must be spat out or used within 1 round of secretion or the creator takes an ag
Extra legs - character is up 4 traits against being moved against their will and has an additional step per round.
Lemur Eyes - character's eyes grow to the size of saucers, they can see in complete darkness as the eyes softly glow. they however are 1 trait down on resisting supernatural powers that require eye contact.
Gender change - character changes gender to male, female, both or neuter from whatever they are now.

lvl 5
Rhino hide - skin acts as lvl 2 hard armor, with all associated penalties
Glide - does not have a bruised health level as they have hollow bones but may also glide from high places or from a jump , gliding 1 step per action and taking no damage from falling.
Barbs - character has spines barbs or quills growing out of their skin, their unarmed damage is lethal, anyone hugging, contacting or grappling them takes a level of lethal damage.
Gecko feet - character can climb walls and ceilings if on all fours and without gloves or footwear. they must have at least 3 limbs touching the surface at all times or they will plummet. can move at 1 step per action. -2 traits to manipulate fine objects like keyboards, pencils, etc

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Wyld Mutations 2 of 4

Poisoning of Queen Bona.Image via Wikipedia


lvl 1
claws/fangs - your attacks do lethal damage, the claws and fangs are retractable
enhanced sense - +1 mental to perception challenges, also non obvious
working tail - +1 to athletics

lvl 2
chameleon - +2 trait on all stealth challenges
Mer-gills - can breathe comfortably on land or water as one sees fit, no visible mutation except when underwater.
Prehensile tail - gains a 2 trait, grappling weapon that does 1 bashing, does not take up a hand.

lvl 3
true omnivore - character can get nourishment out of any digestible material, it need not have nutritive value but it cannot be toxic.
enhanced cognition - gain 1 mental trait

lvl 4
Gigantic - as per huge size merit
Poison - character can at will secrete a poison that coats their hands or mouth that they themselves are immune to. the poison converts 1 level of damage to ag
wall climbing - character can cling to walls like spiderman for no discernible reason. moves at 1/2 speed rounded down
Blind sense - allows character to see in complete darkness but not fog or smoke or other obscuring conditions
quick step - has additional step per round
Aura of inspiration - character has an additional social trait.

lvl 5
Armored hide - skin acts as lvl 1 soft armor.
Wings- flies at 1 step per action
Spiked - retractable quills can exit the character's skin causing their unarmed damage to be lethal and any who grapple them or attack them bare handed to take a level of lethal damage
Wellspring - character regenerates 1 lethal health level per day
Redundant organs - character has an extra health level
Enhanced fecundity- if the creature has a gestation cycle it is reduced to 1/4 time. if it does not, it gets one with a rate of 1 child per year.

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Wyld Mutations 1 of 4

Wyrd album coverImage via Wikipedia

Wyld Mutation
Layer of reality/ interval/ difficulty/ levels of mutation
Earth / 0 / 0 / 0
Dreamtime / 0 / 0 / 0
Hedge or Bordermarch / 2 weeks / 2 / 1
The Ever After / 3 days / 4 / 3
The Outer Edge / hourly / 6 / 5
Primal Chaos / Per minute / 8 / 10

The difficulty listed is the difficulty of a conviction test made by the subject to not mutate. Any Person place or thing made of or containing matter from the physical world (Earth) can mutate.
A person can attempt to shape the mutation of an object or person with an Extended Craft :Wyld challenge difficulty of twice the difficulty of the conviction challenge. Boons fade away after a month unless purchased with experience for 2xlevel, marks after 2 months, blights stay forever unless bought off with experience at 3x per level.
once a mutation has occurred there is a test, win they get a boon, tie they get a mark, lose they get a blight.
almost all mutations can happen multiple times. the names are mostly guidelines, for example claws/fangs could instead be retractable shark teeth or something.
When a character would normally be subject to 7 points of boons they may instead spend their experience points to buy a level of Wyrd When a person has successfully resisted 10 levels of mutations they may buy down their Wyrd with experience points.

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Bye Bye Borders

I wonder how much one of these machines would cost. if its even within 10 times as much as a kindle I'd rather buy this


Retainers, Ensorceled, The Dreamwoven and other Smunderlings,
All changelings have 3 kinds of creatures working for them. mortals, other changelings, and dream creatures. One cannot have more retainers than their level of the leadership skill unless one of their retainers is a majordomo to keep an eye on the other retainers, each majordomo increases a character's retainers limit by 2. e.g if I have leadership 4 and one of my retainers is a majordomo I count him as one of my four retainers but I do not count the 2 retainers he oversees allowing me to have 5 retainers besides the 'domo.
Retainers can come in 4 varieties. Majordomo, Influence, Guardian, and Gatherer. The Majordomo requires no additional glamour unless some is invested in them through ensorcelment, but any retainers they have that require glamour must be paid by the character. The influence Retainer looks after a realm of mortal influence for the changeling allowing them to take the influence above 1. The retainer's maximum in a given influence is 5 + the number of influence retainers attached to the influence in question. Influence retainers also require no additional glamour beyond that dictated by their species. Guardian retainers are bodyguards, combatants or people who guard a changelings things. They require no additional glamour beyond that dictated by species. and gatherers are retainers that either have a bounteous supply of personal glamour beyond their will or engage in glamour gathering for the changeling in question. They GIVE their master 1 glamour per night.

All three can be Dreamwoven, that is, invested with a piece of the changeling's power, see [[dream Weaving]] and [[Dream Binding]]. A creature that is Dream Woven may or may not have the ability to see into the Dreamtime or to perceive the changeling and the Wyld as they truly are. the weaving itself provides no understanding. the Woven however do remember the changeling them self and are not affected by the mists with regards to that particular changeling. They are still affected by the mask unless some glamour is spent near them though. A dreamwoven requires 1 more glamour per night than they would otherwise cost

The ensorceled Have their own glamour pools but no way of refilling them except rest. they regain 1 glamour whenever they would normally gain a temporary willpower but are already full on willpower. As a rule they require about a glamour a week to keep them 'topped off' The ensorceled can however if taught the skill, dreamcraft and gather their own, this means they can be set to gather but this takes them away from their other duties, whatever they might be.

Creatures of the Never Never can be oathbound to follow changelings with the [[Oath of Service]]. If they are to operate in the Dreamtime or the physical world they require 1 or 2 glamour per night respectively, if they are also Dreamwoven this cost can get prohibitive quickly. In the Looking Glass, Hedge, or deeper however they require no glamour. They cannot be set to gather or feed themselves unless their creature type allows it.

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More News, Really I'm as surprised as you

Here's an article.
I just thought exploding squirrels were a neat idea.

picture provided by The Beaver County Militia, protecting us from Amish Terrorists since 2001

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Because I am journalist, here's news

someone is going to get it for that masquerade breach

Kiths 6 of 6

Wizened:rumplestiltskin, shoe gnomes, servant beings and crafters. Blessing: can spend glamour on mentals as vampires do on physicals. gets a merit retest to crafts and etiquette (can call etiquette as many times as they like) . Curse -3 socials on any non-etiquette social challenges. Their contract is artifice.
Artist: makes art objects. Blessing: discipline retest on expression challenges
Brewer: Makes drinks and drugs. Blessing: Cannot become poisoned or intoxicated
Chatelain: Butlers, servants. Blessing: discipline retest on empathy and politics.
Chairurgeon: doctors. Blessing: discipline retest on all medicine challenges, all patients heal as though they had the benefits of the best equipment during convalescence
Oracle: seers, astrologers, Blessing: Discipline retest on all perception based challenges
Smith: smiths Blessing: all crafts challenges are one category lower in difficulty.
Soldier: soldiers Blessing: Character is considered to have a specialty in any weapon they are wielding including improvised ones.
Woodwalker: wardens, rangers, Blessing:Discipline retest on all survival or animal ken challenges

image is from

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Ogres kiths 5 of 6

Ogres: about what they sound like, trolls too so they could be short. Blessing:Can spend glamor for physicals as per vampire. gets a merit retest on intimidate challenges and challenges to resist intimidate. Curse -2 penalty to all temperance challenges and -1 to all compassion challenges. Contract is contracts of stone.
Cyclopean: mutated big guy, missing a foot or an eye or has an extra eye or something
Blessing: Discipline retest on all survival or investigate challenges
Farwalker: yeti, sasquatch etc
Blessing: Discipline retest on all stealth and subterfuge, also character cannot be photographed without spending a willpower as per vampires.
Gargantuan: giants, big guys+gals, paul freaking bunyan
Blessing: 2 extra health levels
Gristlegrinder: redcaps, rakshasa, jason
Blessing: Bite does aggravated damage
Stonebones: Stone type trolls, rock trolls
Blessing: defensive only discipline retest as per earth elemental
Water dweller: Bog critters, swamp hags, bridge trolls
Blessing: can breathe underwater and move at full speed as per other water kiths

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the best explanation of Somalia ever

Kiths 4 of 6

The Fairest Of Them All

Fairest: they're pretty and artsy. lute elves, Tolkien elves. Blessing can spend glamour on socials as per blood, Merit retest on all expression and leadership. Curse:-2 to all challenges on a virtue chosen at creation. Their contract is Vainglory.
Fairest kiths
Bright Ones - made of light, sparkly pixies, lantern archons glowy people
Blessing:they glow giving a 1 trait equipment penalty on socials, they can spend a glamour to on a successful mental vs physical challenge blind a person for a round
Dancer - music box people, jugglers or courtesans
Blessing: Defense only discipline physical retest as per earth kith and skitterskulk
Draconic - exactly what they sound like
Blessing: offense only discipline physical retest as per fire kith
Flowering - flower faeries, pixies, sexy dryads
Blessing: offense only social discipline retest as per awe
Muse - exactly what they sound like
Blessing: Can grant a mortal, must be mortal and no way supernatural, a discipline retest on any extended static craft or expression challenge.

picture provided from it has some nice pictures

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Kiths 3 of 6

Elementals: people who are part element Blessing:can spend glamour on physicals as per vampire. adds their Wyrd rating to their health levels. Curse -3 to all non intimidate social challenges. their contract is the contract of elements.
Elemental Kiths
Air: Blessing: +3 steps at no penalty
Earth: Blessing: Discipline retest on defense as per skitterskulk
Fire: Blessing: Discipline retest on offense as per might but works on firearms and not on any defense.
Metal: Blessing: can learn contracts of artifice at ((3xdesired)-1) an additional crafts skill retest even if this takes the character above 5
Storm: Blessing: discipline retest on all leadership and intimidation tests.
Water: Blessing: can breathe underwater and swim at running rates as per swimmerskins
Wood: Blessing: Discipline retest on all survival or animal ken


Engineering Fairytale

SlagsmÄlsklubben - Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.

Kiths 2 of 6

Darklings: insubstantial wispy creatures of smoke shadow and darkness. Blessing A merit retest to any stealth or subterfuge challenge. can spend glamour on mentals as per vampires spending for physicals. Curse: 3 trait penalty to all actions performed in daylight. -2 penalty to all actions performed during the day. Their contract is Darkness.
Darkling Kiths:
Antiquerian: scholars and historians
Blessing: Discipline retest on all academics or investigation challenges
Gravewight: goths, necromancers
Blessing: for 1 glamour, shroudsight as per necromancy for one hour
Leechfinger: horrible swamp things like leeches
Blessing: on a successful unarmed attack, drain a point of blood from creature touched, Leechfinger turns an ag to a lethal or a lethal to a bashing or heals a bashing from himself.
Mirrorskin: creepy putty people, Dopplegangers
Blessing: Discipline retest to any disguise attempt as their body and face shift to look different.
Tunnelgrub: gooey worm people
Blessing: spend a point of glamour and become a liquid for a round, still susceptible to damage but can slip through cracks or around things.

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Seemings and Kiths Part 1 of 6

Seemings and Kiths

Seemings are the shape of the character's soul in broad terms. The shape into which they were forged by their Fey Masters. They come in six varieties, these are: Beasts, Darklings, Elementals, Fairest, Ogres, and Wizened.

Beasts: Beasts all have some sort of animal feature. The Blessing granted by their bestial nature are a merit retest to any challenge versus an animal (nonhuman), They can also spend glamour to raise their social traits as per vampires spending blood for physicals. Their Curse: the character suffers a 3 trait penalty on all mental challenges not involving animal ken or survival. Yes they get screwed on defensive mentals. Their Contract is that of Fang and Talon.
Beast kiths:
Broadback - big dray beasts, Camels, Elephants, Horses, Mules, Etc.
Blessing: +2 traits on all defensive physical challenges
Hunterheart - Large Predatory, Wolves Bears, Wildcats Crocodiles
Blessing: All unarmed attacks do Lethal instead of bashing
Runnerswift - Fast Prey, Hares, Rabbits, Antelopes,
Blessing: 3 additional steps at no penalty.
Skitterskulk - Creepy Insects, flies, spiders, centipedes
Blessing: Additional Discipline retest to defense/dodge
Steepscrambler - arboreal critters monkeys, raccoons, squirrels, geckos
Blessing: can climb any surface at no step penalty
Swimmerskin - aquatic critters, fish, otters, mermaids
Blessing: can breathe underwater and swim at full running speed
Venombite - venomous critters spiders, snakes, platypus
Blessing: must make a grapple, when in a grapple can spend a glamour for an unarmed attack that does additional damage equal to characters Wyrd
Windwing - flying critters, birds, butterflies and bats
Blessing: can fly, poorly 1 step per round

any animal that doesn't fit in these categories may fit into one of the other kiths as they have animal and mythical beats templates.

EEE! I'm back

I bought my computer before I saw the ad, based on the advertised long life that won't leave me unable to update. But I do like the Eee version of the energizer bunny. If anyone has any good ideas for backgrounds or motivators to turn into case stickers I'm all ears, drop em in the comments. I should be back up to updating with a quickness.

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Freeholds, Waypoints, Places of power

All freeholds have a rating from 1 to 5. All freeholds have a Ban and boon. If a character meets the ban of a freehold and enters into a pact with its spirit or owners. They can gather glamour there at a rate of the freehold's rating per night. The boon is in the form of a skill retest in a the skill to which the freehold is dedicated. If a changeling is Attuned to a freehold (spends a lunar month sleeping there with no nights missed) and obey the ban each night they get the boon, even if it takes their skill maximum above their limit. The dawn after the first night they spend away from home they lose this power. Freeholds are all in the physical world or the dreamtime.

Waypoints are freeholds in the dreaming none may touch the physical world, They are attuned differently. A waypoint is attuned to one and only one being. that being must have a Wyrd equal to or greater than the Waypoint's rating. people can only gather Glamour in a Waypoint with the lord's permission. The lord gains the Waypoint's rating in Glamour per hour. This does not function more than one realm away. i.e. a Neverland freehold helps in the looking glass but not the dreamtime or the physical world.

Faeriedreamer is a deviantartist who has a bunch of cool changeling things you should go look at. the above picture is hers/his


Spent last week in bathroom due to what will now be known as the ethiopian food incident. I recover with barely enough strength to go to my 2 midterms. somewhere in between those midterms someone steals my laptop. I miss my lappy.
T have spent the time between then and this recovering computer and spiritual capacities.
We apologize for the interruption in service.

New laptop arrives tomorrow.

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Dream Crafting

Dream Crafting/ Dream Riding/ Onieromancy:

Dreams each have a strength usually equal to the dreamer's willpower/2 round up, which is the amount of glamour that can be harvested from the dreams without damaging the dreamer. Glamour is harvested from dreams by spending the night in the dream. Twice this amount can be gathered at the cost of a permanent willpower on the part of the sleeper. Sleepers have defenses to prevent this from happening. See later sections, combat and weaving for more details.

Entering a dream, the dreams of one's fetch can be entered at any time for free. The dreams of anyone you have an intimacy towards or has an intimacy towards you can be entered for free. All other dreams require a challenge using the worst of the dreamcrafter's mentals or socials vs the best of the target's mentals or socials, craft dream can be used as a retest. In order to make the test you must touch the desired dreamer's pearl, which exists in the dreaming.

When inside a dream a caster can perform dream combat, dream weaving, dream tasking, and dream reading.

Dream reading are all perception based mental challenges with empathy as a retest.

Dream Reading In order to perform any dream reading the caster must engage in an opposed mental challenge with the dreamer. Failure of this results in expulsion from the dream without damage. The information gained from the dream reading are the presence/absence of dream poison, the presence/absence of any derangements, though each derangements must be checked for by relevant virtue and each derangement check is a separate challenge. You can learn the value of one of the virtues of the dreamer or their nature, demeanor, or motivation. Dream reading also allows the caster to determine the strength of the dream after they have entered it without any challenge or cost.

Dream tasking is a social challenge using craft: dream as a retest. Dream tasking can do the following four things; healing sleep, stress relief, sleep teaching, ravaging and nightmares. Healing sleep reduces the time required to heal any one wound level by one category, ag to lethal, lethal to bashing, or a single level of bashing to zero.

Stress relief causes the subject to regain an additional willpower for that nights sleep. Social challenge is required as stated above.

Sleep teaching allows the crafter to teach the dreamer one subject as per the teaching rules. You cannot gain XP reductions such as equipment or live fire, but you can learn overnight.

Nightmares! With a successful social challenge and a successful difficulty two compassion check the crafter can demolish the dream landscape so that the dreamer does not regain willpower for that night's sleep.

Ravaging With a social challenge using dream craft as a retest, the taskmaster does one bashing level of damage to the dreamer. The dreamer can spend willpower as a retest. the Taskmaster gains one glamour.

Dream Weaving

Dream weaving does not require a challenge.

Dream Binding - The caster must spend a willpower and invest a point of glamour. this point of glamour will not return, lowering their permanent pool until the effect ends. They bind this will and magic into an item in the subject's dreams that will persist until the item is broken. Upon binding someone's dream the caster can choose one level of one of their contracts to grant the sleeper access to. While the sleeper is bound they can perceive the world as a changeling does and have access to a glamour pool equal to their highest virtue. The bindings loose themselves on the next new moon and must be renewed. The changeling does not lose the contract just the glamour. Multiple powers can be given at the cost of multiple glamour. Mortals cannot learn contracts on their own.

Mind Sharing - A changeling can play for the dreamer a scene from their own memories. No game effect. This is narrated by the player not the staff as it is the character's capacity to re-enact the scene.

Dream Combat:aka. Onieromachy

A character engages in dream combat not with the dreamer, but with other creatures such as a fey beast, another changeling, or possibly one of the True Fae. Regardless the sleeper loses a temporary willpower once per hour of combat at the beginning of the hour. So at the beginning of combat the dreamer loses a willpower and if the fight is still going on an hour after that they lose another willpower. If the sleeper is dropped to zero willpower during this process the crafter and whatever the crafter is in combat with take the dreams strength in aggravated damaged and are ejected into the waking world, dead or alive. The dreamer takes one bashing from this ejection. There are three types of dream combat, shaping the self, shaping the environment, and shaping the opponent. When a person shapes themselves they spend a point of glamour and for their next action use the greatest of their attributes with the normal skill appropriate to the action. For instance if you have socials as your highest attribute and wish to stab someone you make a social challenge with melee as a retest.

In shaping the environment the crafter reaches out to shake the dream itself, their opponent must make a virtue test equal to the caster's Wyrd using the virtue of the caster's choice or be ejected from the dream suffering two levels of aggravated damage. This causes the dreamer to lose a point of temporary willpower regardless of outcome. This damage stacks with damage suffered if combatants are ejected out of the dream due to the dreamer losing all willpower.

The last and most risky option is shaping your opponent. The caster engages a challenge with the virtue of their choice, the loser of the challenge also loses a permanent point of that virtue. In the case of a tie, both opponents lose a permanent point of that virtue. Dream craft is the skill retest and willpower can be used defensively.

Dream Venom aka The Withering aka Morphean Bile

The True Fae and some of their minions can poison the dreams of men. With the investiture of a willpower and glamour a Denizen can poison the dream of a corporeal creature. This poison infects a dreamer with a virtue penalty of -1 to all virtues, this penalty increase once every month, unless the poison is removed, until one of their virtues is effectively zero. At that time the Denizen can ride the host, dreamer, in the waking world. The dreamer can also relent at any time to the Denizen allowing the Denizen to possess the dreamer. The Denizen has access to all of the Denizen's and mortal's powers, abilities, and willpower, but is limited to the mortal's attributes. The Denizen replaces the virtue which was dropped to zero with its own, but uses the other virtues of the mortal. If the dreamer relented to the Denizen the mortal chooses which virtue will be replaced. A Denizen can be exorcised by dropping their virtue which is active rather than the mortal's to zero. This banishes the Denizen to Neverland and cannot come closer to reality for a year and a day. A Denizen can also leave if it chooses to, perhaps it was persuaded, the body its possessing repeatedly beaten, etc. If the host dies, the Denizen is free to resume its activities at sunset the next night using a different host.

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never is enough

the Never Never

0 reality Regain 0 glamour per night

1 Dreamtime Regain 1 Glamour per night

2 Hedge/Looking Glass Regain 3 Glamour Per night

3 The Realm Fantastique/Neverland/The Ever After/Mirrorlands Refill Glamour Completely each night.

4 The Outer Edge/The Far Side

5 Primal Chaos

The first edge of the never is the dreamtime. it is the echoes and reflections of the dreams of the world . this is similar to the penumbra effectively except for the small pearls formed when someone is asleep or actively dreaming. These pearls can be entered through oneiromancy but otherwise are bubbles of dream that surround and protect sleeping mortals. Throughout the Dreamtime and the entire never never are songlines. travel is easier along songlines (takes only 75% of time) and if the traveler knows the right key to a given songline they may find themselves moving up to 100 times their speed along their journeys. All changelings even in the physical world if they travel along the place where a songline runs in the border dreaming move more quickly. Permanent songlines are worn into the landscape between places of great power or great emotional importance. large crowds, festivals or great events can generate temporary songlines pulling the creatures of the never never into their orbit. Any changeling that sets upon these border songlines may be pulled aside into these happenings. The Dreamtime covers the whole world in width but is only one realm deep, in some rare places 2 realms deep anyone pushing deeper into the Never Never heads into the Wyld proper.

Songlines also lead deeper into the Never never, out of the Dreamtime and into the edge of the Wyld.

The first stage of the Wylds, second stage of the never never for those keeping score, often called the hedge or the Looking Glass Realm. The Looking Glass realm is much like our own except twisted and warped in some ways. Fires may burn Green, the Trees may be made of bone, a garden could grow fragrant crystal flowers. it is in these places mutations begin. more on that in mutations section. Here there are waypoints places devoted to an emotion or aesthetic. a lover's garden of opal and ruby, an ancient battlefield where the hearts of the fallen grow on strange trees. The land between waypoints still exists and there are approximately one waypoint every 30 miles or so, travel along a songline though will cause one to get to the next waypoint in anywhere between an hour and a round key dependent. Leaving the songline's however is not only possible but a way of construction new waypoints. the land is mostly stable and changes only occur over the span of months. a hill will not become a mountain overnight, not a desert to a lake. Over the course of a month A hill might become a heap of garbage in a dump, or grow to be a fairly sized cliff.
Songlines can lead one deeper into the Never Never, 20 waypoints deep. On the whole it is about 20 waypoints wide as well. The Millions of places of power in the dreamtime winnow down to the mere hundreds in the Hedge after you do 20 waypoints in, the 21st is in:

the Realm Fantastique, Neverland, the Ever After. this is the closest to reality the True Fae can come without taking crushing damage. This is the area from which most of the characters escaped. Places between waypoints are no longer relevant. The journey from one to another is "a maze of twisty corridors all alike", or "a multi hued pebbled highway. Here one should not step off the path. Never step off the path. Travel that is not along a songline leads to instant mutation and calls dark and terrible things to devour the unwary traveler. even should they survive the things the Wyld itself eats the character's Clarity at a rate of a point per round. Travel along a songline is comparatively safe one only meets the various denizens of the waypoints and freeholds of the fae. In this realm, the one glamour cost to activate any contract is waived. Here the realm changes constantly except when nailed in place by the will of a Lord. The hills skip like rams, the mountains like lambs. over the course of a day a volcano may become a geyser then a fountain and finally an asphalt parking lot. The hundreds of Looking Glass waypoints choke down to a mere 6 or so waypoints wide. Almost every waypoint here is occupied or was once occupied by a fae lord. Those places not under the thumb of a being of such power tend to drift apart and lose importance. The fey that choose to live such a base and physical existence are few.
The songlines do not end here. Neverland is 60 waypoints deep (although this number varies it is never less than 50 or more than 66).

The Outer Edge, The Far side, A thin band around the edge of the Mirrorlands maybe 2 to three waypoints deep hold the last skin on reality before the very end. Here are no distinctly different places or waypoints., A tree might flower in a moment, drop its leaves which become birds that are devoured by a chorus of aerial singing pigs. the area defies description save that large swaths seem to have a theme of some sort. The Fae here are truly at home, answering to no logic form or continuity, they change with the protean landscape. Things here are entirely defined by their virtues, their physical form has no true meaning. Beings here know nothing of the humdrum realm of Earth and care even less. Clarity immediately drops to one for all present. Contracts have no cost. The ragged edges of songlines still run. All the way into:

Primal chaos, even the Fae do not send their consciousness to this place. it is a realm of unreason, to gaze upon it is to be dissolved. All virtues are lost at a rate of one per round. Clarity becomes 0.

Song Lines

All song lines can be used for the activation cost of one glamour. All song lines have a catch that can defray this cost. The catch can be anything from a song to a feeling to a rose. every song line has a power rating the rating is the average of the power ratings of the two points it connects. Travel time along a song line is divided 2 at rating 1, divided by 3 at rating 2, 4 at 3 and so on. Large crowds or important events can deform a song line like gravity distorting space or a whirlpool pulling water. These major events essentially form temporary waypoints of varying power, feeding a song line.

Wyrd Science

Wyrd is a measure of how much Wyld or Dreaming or flat out supernatural energy is in the changeling. how close they are becoming to being a creature of pure idea no longer clad in flesh. Wyrd is also one of those words like faerie, or wyld or olde tyme that has an extraneous and pretentious y to show that its all mystycal and magykal. Its moderately irritating but it does help differentiate it from being just plain weird or wild. All Changelings with a high Wyrd are very weird but not all changelings or people for that matter who are verry weird have high wyrds and acting weird won't particularly help your Wyrd. The difference between a girl gone wild and a girl gone wyld is that a girl gone wyld may well have piranha teeth or a third breast or breathe fire. Either way its a better video series than just some college lesbian experimentation on camera at mardi gras. Although I think I might pay to see Brian Froud's Girl's Gone Wyld with maybe Neil Gaiman or David Bowie as Snoop Dogg.

Now Game Mechanics

Wyrd costs 8 exp times desired level to increase, Wyrd can only be increased by spending a month in the Never Never in an area at least as deep as the dreamtime. A changeling 's Clarity cannot exceed 10 - their Wyrd. Wyrd costs 10 points per level to buy down. A character can buy off their first point of Wyrd for 30 exp and upon achieving clarity 10 become mortal. They must not have any supernatural intimacies, and must not have a living fetch in the physical world. At a Wyrd of 6 a changeling's trait max increases by 1 and they gain access to lvl 6 powers, and lvl 6 abilities. at Wyrd 8 they get access to level 7 powers, at Wyrd 10 they become a Denizen, their mortal body crumbling before the might of their glamour.

A changelings Can only have a number of vows active equal to Wyrd + intimacies. Any attempt to forge a vow beyond the character's maximum causes all involved to know the vow has failed. A changeling's Wyrd rating

A character ages at a reduced rate per point of Wyrd, 1/2 speed at Wyrd 1. 1/3 at Wyrd 2, 1/4 at Wyrd 3 and so on.

Creatures of Wyrd 6 and higher cannot catch mortal Diseases

Creatures of Wyrd 8 and higher cannot be poisoned by mundane means.

Creatures of Wyrd 6 or higher must gather their Wyrd -5 in glamour per night or their Wyrd drops by a level permanently.

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Very this


Not to be confused with

Clarity is a measure of how closely a changeling's senses hew to the tapestry of creation. How well they can see what is actually going on. Their alien perspective can sometimes grant the kind of insight only an outsider can have on a situation.

now a system dump


Clarity is the connection between the changeling's senses and the tapestry of creation. an average human sees the world as if they had a clarity of 6. Clarity works as a measure of sanity as well as the capacity of the changeling to see what is really going on, mundane or otherwise.

Clarity is equal to conviction + temperance to start but can change with play.

A changeling's clarity cannot exceed 10 - their Wyrd

Clarity has breaking points. If a character performs an action listed as a breaking point they face a temperance challenge equal to the difference between the point and their rating. For example if Sam has a clarity of 7 and kills a changeling (a lvl 5 problem) it is a difficulty 2 Temperance challenge or lose a clarity. Anyone who takes a Code of Honor loses a point of clarity, no test if they break the tenets of their code.

10 - Bodily entering the Never Never, Dream Crafting, Using magic to accomplish a task when it could be done just as well without. Minor Unexpected life changes i.e. the canceling of one's favorite tv show.

9 - Knowingly using Tokens or other magical Items, Going a day without human contact,

8 - Breaking mundane promises or commitments, Having someone else break a commitment to attend to faerie matters. Changing courts, Major life changes, being Threatened with eviction, being fired, breaking up, injuring a mortal.

7 - Taking psychotropic drugs. Serious unexpected life changes e.g. sudden illness, house is broken into

6 - Revealing one's true form to a mortal, going a week without human contact, obvious displays of magic in front of witnesses, being injured.

5 - Killing another changeling, killing a fetch

4 - breaking formal oaths or pledges, Extreme unexpected life changes such as pregnancy or losing one's home.

3 - Ravaging, Being Ravaged (see dream crafting), Going a month without human contact. Kidnapping, Being Kidnapped Having No mortal or mundane world intimacies.

2 - Killing a mortal, having no intimacies

1 - Going to the ever after, one month of contact with a true fae or intimate contact with a true fae Abandoning one's current mortal identity. torturing or being tortured.

Clarity consequences

10 - +3 traits to perception Kenning Power, 3 retests per kenning use

9 - +2 traits to perception Kenning Power, 2 retests per kenning use

8 - +1 traits to perception Kenning Power. 2 retests per kenning use

7 - Kenning Power

6 - Kenning Power

5 - -1 to all perception

4 - -1 to all perception -1 to all empathy challenges

3 - -2 to all perception -1 to empathy, -1 to all socials interacting with mortals

2 - -2 to all perception -2 to all empathy -2 to all socials interacting with mortals

1 - -3 to all perception -2 to all empathy -3 to all socials interacting with mortals

0 - Catatonia, Wyld Madness, Generate New Character, your former fae master is alerted to this and may react.

The Kenning power is an automatic discipline retest on any awareness challenge. It also can be called for actively to tell what creatures/items/circumstances in the area are supernatural in nature. Kenning will also tell the user the nature of the spell/item/creature as per auspex 2.

Regaining lost clarity - spend exp, teaching helps as normal.

Celerity is a word that means very fast. It is the name of a power that in old world of darkness vampire tabletop makes you win combat. In Traditional larp combat it is a power that people who do not have access to thaumaturgy or obtenebration use to win combats with other lesser characters. In Requiem larp and tabletop it is a power that gives you cool bullet time special effects and make you look like you're going fast but ultimately does nothing of significance. In our larp system it is a power that means very fast.

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Changeling Morality


Morality - In place of one's nature and demeanor, a changeling regains willpower from their motivation. A motivation must be a goal or task. When achieving a portion of one's goal, or action in the furtherance of their goal a character may at the staff's discretion regain a willpower. Changelings have four virtues.

Compassion - the character's empathy and forgiveness

Conviction - a character's resistance to physical or mental pain and hardship

Temperance - a character's self control and clearheadedness

Valor - a character's bravery and courage

A person's starting Clarity is their Conviction plus Temperance

Starting Wyrd is 1

Glamor - Valor+Compassion+Wyrd

everyone starts with 9 dots of virtues, with one free in each.

A character can spend as much of their glamor pool as they like per turn.

Willpower starts at 3 + lowest virtue and has a maximum of 7 + lowest virtue.

Characters have a number of intimacies equal to their compassion. an intimacy is a noun, person place thing or ideal, a character is up one trait on challenges dealing with their intimacies. intimacies cannot be changed except by losing a point of compassion and when a new point is purchased a new intimacy is chosen.

Trait max = 12 +2 for primary +1 for secondary.


Notes on changeling condition.

changelings take an additional level of damage from cold Iron and also continue to bleed from lethal damage.

They also heal as per changeling healing chart.
Changelings have no soul and no True name. effects targeting either fail utterly for no discernible reason. A changeling who has no fetch still has gained something in place of a soul so diagnostic and various sensory powers that sense the soul can function however the soul is a little "off" to the reader. Powers that affect the soul however (obeah, soul steal, etc) still have no effect for good or ill. A changeling that has reduced their Wyrd to 0 Has both a true name and a true soul. A changeling cannot reduce their Wyrd to 0 while they still have a fetch.

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Chageling Contracts Part 4 of 4

Cantrips are little individually wrapped mini contracts that cost less and can be purchased out of order. They are cheap because they are all tragically flawed in some way, like strippers.


all Cantrips are learned separately and have some sort of flaw attached to them. they all cost (3 times the level of the contract) - 1 experience to learn. You do not need to learn them in any particular order on may start with a level 3 then progress to 2 then 4. as with all contracts they cost a glamour to use in addition to any other price listed.

Level 1 cantrips

Trading luck for fate: refreshes one skill as per a willpower refresh, this still cannot refresh the same skill a second time but can refresh an additional skill that round. Catch: must lose the temporary use of resources 2 gambling that evening. Flaw: lose 2 temporary willpower next round.

Shooter's Bargain: caster gains 1 trait on next firearms challenge. catch: must be firing a silver bullet. Flaw: simple test (must win) or gun jams irreparably when next fired (the shot after the shot with the bonus)

level 2 cantrips

Diviner's Madness: cost 1 investigation. Effect:as per the thaumaturgical ritual Scry with no casting time Catch: must use silver basin worth resources 3 and fill with squid ink Flaw: caster suffers a 1 trait penalty to conviction until sunrise the next day, multiple uses of the spell increase this penalty.

Fair Entrance: Cost 1 security. Effect: character wins ties on all security challenges to break in to an area. Catch: must sing while power is in effect, if they stop singing before the break in is over the power ends. note this is a security not a stealth challenge, guards will likely hear singing. Flaw: Character loses ties on any attempts to break into their property for 1 day per use of power.

Fool's Gold: Cost 1 Academics. Effect: create from random crud, cash worth the temporary expenditure of resources 1 i.e. leaves to dollars, buttons to coins. This cash returns to its true form at dawn the next day. Flaw Character suffers a -1 mental trait penalty until the cash regains its true form. multiple uses of this cantrip, and its concurrent penalty stacks.

Level 3 cantrips

Burden of Life: Cost 1 glamour. Effect: Caster must touch a damaged target within 15 minutes of their wound occurring. (older wounds are not healed) the wound is transferred to the caster along with any other wounds the target takes for the next hour. If the caster takes enough damage to die, the wounds in their entirety leave the caster and reappear at once on the target. the caster is unharmed. if the hour passes without the caster taking enough wounds to kill them the wounds stay on the caster. Catch Target must be related by blood or marriage to Caster. Flaw power cannot work on anyone the caster has harmed itself.

Doom of Damocles: Cost 1 Glamour. all of the damage up to 20 levels is negated from a single attack. the next attack that hits the character does all of the damage of both hits put together, if the character is not hit a second time the damage appears at midnight that night. Catch:the damage being absorbed by the power is from the caster being attacked from surprise by a trusted friend. Flaw: Cannot delay damage done by Cold Iron

Level 4 cantrips

Haruspex aka "Gut Feeling": Cost 1 willpower. Effect: caster can ask one simple question that can be answered in 50 words or less to the staff and get a straight, informative, useful answer. Catch : must read the answer in the entrails of one's enemies. Flaw: they cannot attempt to communicate this information to others for 24 hours and are struck mute for the same time.

Cry of Terror: Cost 1 willpower. Effect:caster summons as per the power summon up to 5 people with whom she must share a court, kith, or oathcircle. Catch: subject must have caster as an intimacy Flaw:caster cannot be at full health when cry is activated.

Level 5 cantrips

Best Friend Forever: cost 1 willpower each and resources 3 worth of tattoo inks. Effects both participants in this cantrip must know the cantrip in question and must get matching tattoos. At any time either one can spend a willpower and if their friend spends a willpower the initiator teleports to the recipient's location tattoos touching each other regardless of intervening space, barriers or constraints. when this is done the tattoos fade. the tattoos are a complexity 3 crafts challenge. Catch: teleporting character is spending their last willpower. Flaw both characters take a level of bashing as the inks rip out of their flesh