Sunday, May 31, 2009

Changeling Tokens 1 of 5

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Tokens, Other Wyld Forged Goods
All Tokens or other magic items must be made of some physical earth substance which is then treated in the Wyld. There are 2 extended static checks for any item. the first is to make the physical object. The requires a crafts or scrounge challenge of a level of complexity equal to the level of the item. There is then a Craft Wyld challenge of a level of complexity equal to the level of the item to make sure you get the item properties you want. e.g a sword which wields itself instead of a dancing sword that tap-dances. The item must then be placed in the Wyld to gather a number of mutation points equal to the level of the item. some sort of guard or precaution should probably be taken to ensure the crafter does not also mutate and to ensure the item stays put and is not stolen by goblins or something. A character Must Attune all items before use. A character may have a number of attuned items no greater than their Valor + Wyrd. It takes 1 hour per level of the item to attune it. A point of glamour may be spent to reduce this time by one hour per point. Once an item's effect is activated that item slot is full until the effect ends. e.g. if a person has a sealing wax block attuned and a Wyrd +valor of 2. They cannot attune their level 2 sword until all of the seals have been broken or removed.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Holy Crap Its Been A week Changeling Creation

Finals Week Eh?
SO here's something everyone can anjoy I should be getting back up to snuff in a couple days.

Character Creation
All changelings start with the standard rules for character creation for vampire, with the following exceptions:
Morality - In place of one's nature and demeanor, a changeling regains willpower from their motivation. A motivation must be a goal or task. When achieving a portion of one's goal, or action in the furtherance of their goal a character may at the staff's discretion regain a willpower. Changelings have four virtues.
Compassion - the character's empathy and forgiveness
Conviction - a character's resistance to physical or mental pain and hardship
Temperance - a character's self control and clearheadedness
Valor - a character's bravery and courage
A person's starting Clarity is their Conviction plus Temperance
Starting Wyrd is 1
Glamor = Valor+Compassion+Wyrd
A changeling cannot hold in their system more than their Glamour in points of Glamour. All excess must be somehow stored, usually in oaths.
everyone starts with 9 dots of virtues, with one free in each.
A character can spend as much of their glamor pool as they like per turn.
Willpower starts at 3 + lowest virtue and has a maximum of 7 + lowest virtue.
Characters have a number of intimacies equal to their compassion. an intimacy is a noun, person place thing or ideal, a character is up one trait on challenges dealing with their intimacies. intimacies cannot be changed except by losing a point of compassion and when a new point is purchased a new intimacy is chosen.
Trait max = 12 +2 for primary +1 for secondary.
Changelings start at 7, 5, 3 in their Attributes. They get 10 levels of Skills

Friday, May 22, 2009


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God Willing and all his little angels, we'll have all of the thaumaturgy rituals currently allowed in game all types up for your perusal on the vampire wiki and possibly on this site.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Changeling life 2 of 4

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Changeling Citizen
Early Morning: Wake up, prod my dreamer to make breakfast, go back to bed. Soon s/he will go to work and I'll get showered and dressed. Brush teeth and give them a kiss goodbye before they go. Spend an hour doing whatever the day's chores are or calling one of my bonds(wo)men to do them for me.
Midday: Begin exercising check weapons, recite spells, a prepared changeling is a living changeling. Head over to the local court to see what crap job they have for me today. Check my fetch's facebook and twitter to see what they're up to.
Afternoon:Listen to some noble jackhole go on about honor/compassion/Science!/piety or whatever I knew them last month when they were doing my job. See if I can't put on the recruiter face and wrangle some courtless schlubs or wyld creatures to help me kill this beast/rescue this jerk/fulfill this oath/complete this quest that the higher ups can't be bothered to do themselves.
Evening:Crap, my circlemate/lover/oathbound/fellow courtmember is dead. gotta hide gotta hide gotta hide. This is why we always tell people not to go out without a fellow courtier. Better him than me. Ah the freehold, now the people with real rank can solve the real problems, I'm going to get some glamour.
Night: If I'm lucky, back home to dreamers and my happy fake life. If I'm not Sir/Lady jackhole is dead and now I've got to stay in the freehold, guarding it at night while lord/lady badass recovers from the day. Either way, I'm not going outside at night.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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Udel rules Protip. Apparently if you have more than 2 finals in 24 hours you can apply to have one o fhtem moved up or postpones or made up or something. I have 3 had one today, have 2 tomorrow. and no ride to class. This is what you're getting instead of a blog post.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Plot Hooks

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Do, whatever you want, some times the pcs just won't take the plot hook, fight the badguy, run to save their lives etc. Make your peace and move on

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day In The Life 1 of 4

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Categories of Changeling Living
There are basically 4 levels of life as a changeling: Refugees, Citizens, Gentry, and Landed Gentry. Over the next little while we'll be looking at a day in the life of each of them.
Changeling Refugee
Early morning: Wake up, fall out of someone's dream, maybe make them breakfast, maybe start a walk of shame home, maybe just run away before they notice a stranger in their bed. First thing's first, find something to eat. If whoever's dream that was slept in has food, maybe take some. Otherwise go out and sneak my way into a job. Sometimes it takes them all day to notice that I'm not the real dishwasher at that bar with the fancy fries, just steal an apron and the food is free. Maybe if I'm lucky I have a job as a nameless temp to pay for a car to go to work.

Midday: Run, from what I'm not sure, maybe its the cops, an angry chef, something out of the never never, another changeling whose dreamer I propositioned accidentally, or maybe some crazy hunter. But run, whatever I was doing earlier in the day can wait while I drop it and hide. Can't afford to use magic to escape or disguise myself, not enough glamour. Head for a crowd and hope the mists handle it.

Afternoon: Find someplace to sleep for the night. Bums in the park have scary dreams and I don't want live through Vietnam again. Maybe case some houses and make sure bedroom windows are open, maybe spend a few hours finding someplace to clean up so I can hit the bars and go home with someone. This could only be helped if I scored some drugs, pot, alcohol or in the worst case rohypnol will get me what I need.

Evening: Eat and hide. I've found someone or someone's found me. I'm either eating or avoiding being eaten. Getting dinner and maybe a bit of glamour is pretty easy if you're willing to owe someone in a court. They'll pay for food while they talk and talk about why their philosophy is important. Be careful though, can't agree to anything, or disagree either, that's how they get you. That's something that's wrong in the stories, their food is fine, its the words you have to watch out for. Avoiding whoever finds me in the evening is easier, rush hour means I can go faster and get lost quicker.

Night: Go home with someone. If I'm lucky I can spend the night in someone else's freehold but they'll make me pay for it...somehow. Otherwise I need to follow home that guy from earlier or head to someplace where people sleep in public and try not to be noticed crawling in someone's ear for a bit of rest. If I'm really lucky nothing out of the Wyld will jump me and my blights won't act up.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Changeling Context

Watch this spaceImage by mr ig via Flickr

Watch this space, I'll be posting some context for changeling players and fans for how the average changeling on the street reacts to things.

comic courtesy of Medium Large. Pretty much my favorite webcomic out there. Its drawn by the guy who writes Sally Forth.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guess It Didn't

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The Changeling Larp was awesome, thanks everyone who came, next time The Beach!
to hold you over while I have finals this week, watch this

oh and watch this space we're going to be doing some context and flavor text stuff for changeling.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Autumn Court (5 of 5)

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The Court of Autumn contemplates the loss of their lives and the loss of others. They are penitents seeking to purify themselves and atone for the sins of the world. Some instead are scourges seeking to make the world repent. They believe in sacrifice, asceticism and Conviction.
1. Do not Reveal the existence of the Fey to the Waking World
2. Do not Reveal the location of the places of power in the waking world to any outside the four courts
3. Tell no one a secret given in confidence
4. Do not succumb to addiction, cure others of their dependencies
5. Do not Violate an oath
6. Aid others on their path to redemption.
7. Do not tempt another to violate their code.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Days Of Knights Part 2

Small-scale EpicImage by 0olong via Flickr

Initially, Corradin, an alum of the University of Delaware, had difficulty finding people who shared his passion for D&D. He met fellow gamer Dan Farrow and found a new group of players. However, their resources were limited.

“I met a few people who were playing,” Corradin said. “But the problem was, they didn’t know where to buy from.”

Eventually, they discovered Punching Judy, a store that mostly sold puppets on Main Street. The retailer carried dice and a couple games, but it was not enough to satisfy the gamers.

“The demand for the stuff was outgrowing their willingness to bring in more stuff,” Corradin said.

This lack of supplies helped give birth to The Days of Knights, which first opened almost 30 years ago in the mini-mall where the Delaware Book Exchange is now. His friend Lee McCormick, who was unemployed and raising a family, called Corradin and expressed an interest in opening a business. McCormick picked the name of the store and Corradin decided to invest in the store while continuing to be a teacher.

The Days of Knights, currently located on 173 E. Main St. in Newark, is unlike the bars and clothing retailers on Main Street. After passing through its brick, fortress-like exterior, visitors enter a different world where mystical beings exist and they can take on multiple fantasy personas. The store hosts numerous game tournaments, whether for D&D or Magic: The Gathering, a role-playing card game. The merchandise is not for the faint of heart — a level of seriousness is required for the games and a sign even reads, “Shoplifters will be executed” in big, bold red letters.

The Days of Knights is truly a gamer’s paradise with its abundance of figurines, games and collectables. Custom chess sets, fragile “The Lord of the Rings” figurines and several posters of dragons give the store its imaginative appeal. A room tucked away in back of the store sells used board games that resurrect childhood memories.

The Days of Knights, however, did not always have such a superfluous amount of merchandise and strong customer base.

“There weren’t enough customers,” Corradin said. “I had some long talks with Lee and it turned out the real problem was we just didn’t have enough merchandise.”

Due to its rocky start, Corradin decided to take a leave of absence from his occupation and focus on the store.

“I didn’t want to kiss it goodbye without a fighting effort,” he said.

In addition to Selling games Days of Knights provides a location to play and enjoy their products

Corradin was able to make a deal with a distributor, Alliance, so he could get a line of credit and offer a steady supply of games. He still does business with Alliance because it contributed to The Days of Knight’s success.

Corradin said the store gets its merchandise from multiple distributors both near and far within the adventure gaming industry. He also welcomes locals who wish to sell their items.

“I have dice towers that some guy in Newark built for me and sold them to me and now I sell them here,” Corradin said. “I try to support anybody who makes anything that’s cool and fits my store.”

He said that a new aspect of the industry is an intermediary, or fulfillment house, between the producers of a product and the distributors. This eliminates distributors’ stress of having many companies with which to interact.

Corradin is content with his decision to open The Days of Knights in Newark. He said that his customer base consists of both the local and campus community, which gives him a great cultural spectrum. Corradin is also involved with the town and he said he was named "Volunteer of the Year" at one time. He said the store's success is reliant on several factors, one of them being the attention it gives to its female clientele.

"One of the founding philosophies of the store and one of the reasons I attribute to why we're still here after all these years is that a lot of other gaming stores you go in, the mom, girlfriend or significant other can't wait to get out," Corradin said.

The Days of Knights carries crafts, jewelry and other products that he said interests women. Despite the constant flow of crazes within the industry, he said the store's role-playing-related sales have never waivered. And although The Days of Knights is different from other retailers in the area, its main competitors are online companies.

"But the difference I try to tell people about is that when you buy something online, there's different problems in terms of mailing and not getting it right away," Corradin said. "But also you don't know much about it."

He said that his experienced employees can give advice about the products that online retailers can not offer.

Corradin said what lies ahead for The Days of Knights are computer-based games, since that is the direction that the industry is heading. He remains hopeful about the company and its ability to satisfy gamers' needs.

"We're continuing to move into the future," Corradin said. "So there's no reason we can't be here for 25 more years."

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Hazy Shades of Winter (Courts 4 of 5)

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The Court of Winter is a society of Philosopher Warriors, Scholars and Scientist soldiers. They believe in the triumph of Reason over madness, of Order over chaos, and Temperance over passion
1. Destroy all manifest creatures of the Never Never in the true world
2. Understand the ways of your enemies. Teach others to defend themselves.
3. Do not succumb to overwhelming passion or frenzy
4. Suffer not the Life of those who would Challenge the Supremacy of the True World and call the Fey to Earth
5. Protect the dreams of mortals from the Morphean Bile (Dream Venom)
6. Increase the knowledge of the court, study the world both magical and mundane.
7. Maintain Clarity of Thought, do not allow your senses to deteriorate.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Court 3 of 5

Mendicant monk at base of Potala, LhasaImage via Wikipedia

The Court of Spring is an order mendicant, healers, scholars, counselors and social workers. They believe in Caring, Love and above all, Compassion
1. Heal all those in Need
2. Your Blade is a Scalpel not a Sword, Cut the cancer not the patient.
3. Never take a mortal Life
4. Protect the dreams of the innocent
5. Stop Those Who Would Ravage, Do not become A Ravager yourself.
6. Remove The Withering (Dream Venom) Wherever You Find It
7. Do not allow the Ephemeral to Usurp the mortal Clay

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Summer Court part 2 of 5

GlowingImage by *Kicki* via Flickr

The Court of Summer is a Military order Devoted to slaying monsters and fighting against impossible odds. They believe in honesty loyalty and above all Valor. Their seven Tenets are as follows
1. Never Refuse an Honorable Challenge
2. Always Speak the Truth
3. Always Keep Thine Oath
4. Always Respect and Protect your Lessers in the Court
5. Always Respect and Obey your Betters in the Court
6. Do Not Show Fear Before a Foe
7. Allow an Honorable Surrender

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