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Wyld Mutations 1 of 4

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Wyld Mutation
Layer of reality/ interval/ difficulty/ levels of mutation
Earth / 0 / 0 / 0
Dreamtime / 0 / 0 / 0
Hedge or Bordermarch / 2 weeks / 2 / 1
The Ever After / 3 days / 4 / 3
The Outer Edge / hourly / 6 / 5
Primal Chaos / Per minute / 8 / 10

The difficulty listed is the difficulty of a conviction test made by the subject to not mutate. Any Person place or thing made of or containing matter from the physical world (Earth) can mutate.
A person can attempt to shape the mutation of an object or person with an Extended Craft :Wyld challenge difficulty of twice the difficulty of the conviction challenge. Boons fade away after a month unless purchased with experience for 2xlevel, marks after 2 months, blights stay forever unless bought off with experience at 3x per level.
once a mutation has occurred there is a test, win they get a boon, tie they get a mark, lose they get a blight.
almost all mutations can happen multiple times. the names are mostly guidelines, for example claws/fangs could instead be retractable shark teeth or something.
When a character would normally be subject to 7 points of boons they may instead spend their experience points to buy a level of Wyrd When a person has successfully resisted 10 levels of mutations they may buy down their Wyrd with experience points.

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