Friday, April 17, 2009

Kiths 2 of 6

Darklings: insubstantial wispy creatures of smoke shadow and darkness. Blessing A merit retest to any stealth or subterfuge challenge. can spend glamour on mentals as per vampires spending for physicals. Curse: 3 trait penalty to all actions performed in daylight. -2 penalty to all actions performed during the day. Their contract is Darkness.
Darkling Kiths:
Antiquerian: scholars and historians
Blessing: Discipline retest on all academics or investigation challenges
Gravewight: goths, necromancers
Blessing: for 1 glamour, shroudsight as per necromancy for one hour
Leechfinger: horrible swamp things like leeches
Blessing: on a successful unarmed attack, drain a point of blood from creature touched, Leechfinger turns an ag to a lethal or a lethal to a bashing or heals a bashing from himself.
Mirrorskin: creepy putty people, Dopplegangers
Blessing: Discipline retest to any disguise attempt as their body and face shift to look different.
Tunnelgrub: gooey worm people
Blessing: spend a point of glamour and become a liquid for a round, still susceptible to damage but can slip through cracks or around things.

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