Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Freeholds, Waypoints, Places of power

All freeholds have a rating from 1 to 5. All freeholds have a Ban and boon. If a character meets the ban of a freehold and enters into a pact with its spirit or owners. They can gather glamour there at a rate of the freehold's rating per night. The boon is in the form of a skill retest in a the skill to which the freehold is dedicated. If a changeling is Attuned to a freehold (spends a lunar month sleeping there with no nights missed) and obey the ban each night they get the boon, even if it takes their skill maximum above their limit. The dawn after the first night they spend away from home they lose this power. Freeholds are all in the physical world or the dreamtime.

Waypoints are freeholds in the dreaming none may touch the physical world, They are attuned differently. A waypoint is attuned to one and only one being. that being must have a Wyrd equal to or greater than the Waypoint's rating. people can only gather Glamour in a Waypoint with the lord's permission. The lord gains the Waypoint's rating in Glamour per hour. This does not function more than one realm away. i.e. a Neverland freehold helps in the looking glass but not the dreamtime or the physical world.

Faeriedreamer is a deviantartist who has a bunch of cool changeling things you should go look at. the above picture is hers/his

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