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Retainers, Ensorceled, The Dreamwoven and other Smunderlings,
All changelings have 3 kinds of creatures working for them. mortals, other changelings, and dream creatures. One cannot have more retainers than their level of the leadership skill unless one of their retainers is a majordomo to keep an eye on the other retainers, each majordomo increases a character's retainers limit by 2. e.g if I have leadership 4 and one of my retainers is a majordomo I count him as one of my four retainers but I do not count the 2 retainers he oversees allowing me to have 5 retainers besides the 'domo.
Retainers can come in 4 varieties. Majordomo, Influence, Guardian, and Gatherer. The Majordomo requires no additional glamour unless some is invested in them through ensorcelment, but any retainers they have that require glamour must be paid by the character. The influence Retainer looks after a realm of mortal influence for the changeling allowing them to take the influence above 1. The retainer's maximum in a given influence is 5 + the number of influence retainers attached to the influence in question. Influence retainers also require no additional glamour beyond that dictated by their species. Guardian retainers are bodyguards, combatants or people who guard a changelings things. They require no additional glamour beyond that dictated by species. and gatherers are retainers that either have a bounteous supply of personal glamour beyond their will or engage in glamour gathering for the changeling in question. They GIVE their master 1 glamour per night.

All three can be Dreamwoven, that is, invested with a piece of the changeling's power, see [[dream Weaving]] and [[Dream Binding]]. A creature that is Dream Woven may or may not have the ability to see into the Dreamtime or to perceive the changeling and the Wyld as they truly are. the weaving itself provides no understanding. the Woven however do remember the changeling them self and are not affected by the mists with regards to that particular changeling. They are still affected by the mask unless some glamour is spent near them though. A dreamwoven requires 1 more glamour per night than they would otherwise cost

The ensorceled Have their own glamour pools but no way of refilling them except rest. they regain 1 glamour whenever they would normally gain a temporary willpower but are already full on willpower. As a rule they require about a glamour a week to keep them 'topped off' The ensorceled can however if taught the skill, dreamcraft and gather their own, this means they can be set to gather but this takes them away from their other duties, whatever they might be.

Creatures of the Never Never can be oathbound to follow changelings with the [[Oath of Service]]. If they are to operate in the Dreamtime or the physical world they require 1 or 2 glamour per night respectively, if they are also Dreamwoven this cost can get prohibitive quickly. In the Looking Glass, Hedge, or deeper however they require no glamour. They cannot be set to gather or feed themselves unless their creature type allows it.

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