Saturday, June 30, 2012

exercise in frustration

well this is an exercise in frustration. i am writing this post from the back of an undersized sedan heading for seacaucus new jersey. i am writing it on my new phone, largely to see if i can. with the exception of the shift key not functioning and a few other quirks it seems to be going ok. however, i can not capitalize, use punctuation besides , and ? and. nor can i make numbers or contractions. it is interesting. i feel like e.e. cummings. so i am in a small and worrn car with three lovely women heading to bronycon in hopes of bringing larp to bronies. I am now writing this post on my new asus trasformer. The real pity is I can not for the lifeof me make anything copy to clipboard and then paste back out elsewhere. I am not sure If I will ever make this work. I can't type properly even using this dock. If anyone out there knows how to properly make this thing work I'd love to know.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two Hundred Words A day

As part of my rationality training ( I am attempting to write 200 words per day. I picked this number since it was approximately the length of the features I used to write for radio and I figured I'd be able to handle 200 words  per day even if I was at a convention from my kindle or something else. Sometimes I might post old writings but they don't count unless 200 new words have been added to the text. Well as I have burned up 83 of those words being meta I suppose I ought to have something of substance in this last bit. The thing I learned about in the Minicamp that I retained best is timeless thinking. The understanding is not far from the mode I use when writing a book or working on a project. The rule is if I am not doing it I am not going to do it so do it now. ON a related note, every time I have explained Timeless thinking I have gone and flossed. Its complicated and weird but more on that if you want to know. Tomorrow we do mages most likely.