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Dream Crafting

Dream Crafting/ Dream Riding/ Onieromancy:

Dreams each have a strength usually equal to the dreamer's willpower/2 round up, which is the amount of glamour that can be harvested from the dreams without damaging the dreamer. Glamour is harvested from dreams by spending the night in the dream. Twice this amount can be gathered at the cost of a permanent willpower on the part of the sleeper. Sleepers have defenses to prevent this from happening. See later sections, combat and weaving for more details.

Entering a dream, the dreams of one's fetch can be entered at any time for free. The dreams of anyone you have an intimacy towards or has an intimacy towards you can be entered for free. All other dreams require a challenge using the worst of the dreamcrafter's mentals or socials vs the best of the target's mentals or socials, craft dream can be used as a retest. In order to make the test you must touch the desired dreamer's pearl, which exists in the dreaming.

When inside a dream a caster can perform dream combat, dream weaving, dream tasking, and dream reading.

Dream reading are all perception based mental challenges with empathy as a retest.

Dream Reading In order to perform any dream reading the caster must engage in an opposed mental challenge with the dreamer. Failure of this results in expulsion from the dream without damage. The information gained from the dream reading are the presence/absence of dream poison, the presence/absence of any derangements, though each derangements must be checked for by relevant virtue and each derangement check is a separate challenge. You can learn the value of one of the virtues of the dreamer or their nature, demeanor, or motivation. Dream reading also allows the caster to determine the strength of the dream after they have entered it without any challenge or cost.

Dream tasking is a social challenge using craft: dream as a retest. Dream tasking can do the following four things; healing sleep, stress relief, sleep teaching, ravaging and nightmares. Healing sleep reduces the time required to heal any one wound level by one category, ag to lethal, lethal to bashing, or a single level of bashing to zero.

Stress relief causes the subject to regain an additional willpower for that nights sleep. Social challenge is required as stated above.

Sleep teaching allows the crafter to teach the dreamer one subject as per the teaching rules. You cannot gain XP reductions such as equipment or live fire, but you can learn overnight.

Nightmares! With a successful social challenge and a successful difficulty two compassion check the crafter can demolish the dream landscape so that the dreamer does not regain willpower for that night's sleep.

Ravaging With a social challenge using dream craft as a retest, the taskmaster does one bashing level of damage to the dreamer. The dreamer can spend willpower as a retest. the Taskmaster gains one glamour.

Dream Weaving

Dream weaving does not require a challenge.

Dream Binding - The caster must spend a willpower and invest a point of glamour. this point of glamour will not return, lowering their permanent pool until the effect ends. They bind this will and magic into an item in the subject's dreams that will persist until the item is broken. Upon binding someone's dream the caster can choose one level of one of their contracts to grant the sleeper access to. While the sleeper is bound they can perceive the world as a changeling does and have access to a glamour pool equal to their highest virtue. The bindings loose themselves on the next new moon and must be renewed. The changeling does not lose the contract just the glamour. Multiple powers can be given at the cost of multiple glamour. Mortals cannot learn contracts on their own.

Mind Sharing - A changeling can play for the dreamer a scene from their own memories. No game effect. This is narrated by the player not the staff as it is the character's capacity to re-enact the scene.

Dream Combat:aka. Onieromachy

A character engages in dream combat not with the dreamer, but with other creatures such as a fey beast, another changeling, or possibly one of the True Fae. Regardless the sleeper loses a temporary willpower once per hour of combat at the beginning of the hour. So at the beginning of combat the dreamer loses a willpower and if the fight is still going on an hour after that they lose another willpower. If the sleeper is dropped to zero willpower during this process the crafter and whatever the crafter is in combat with take the dreams strength in aggravated damaged and are ejected into the waking world, dead or alive. The dreamer takes one bashing from this ejection. There are three types of dream combat, shaping the self, shaping the environment, and shaping the opponent. When a person shapes themselves they spend a point of glamour and for their next action use the greatest of their attributes with the normal skill appropriate to the action. For instance if you have socials as your highest attribute and wish to stab someone you make a social challenge with melee as a retest.

In shaping the environment the crafter reaches out to shake the dream itself, their opponent must make a virtue test equal to the caster's Wyrd using the virtue of the caster's choice or be ejected from the dream suffering two levels of aggravated damage. This causes the dreamer to lose a point of temporary willpower regardless of outcome. This damage stacks with damage suffered if combatants are ejected out of the dream due to the dreamer losing all willpower.

The last and most risky option is shaping your opponent. The caster engages a challenge with the virtue of their choice, the loser of the challenge also loses a permanent point of that virtue. In the case of a tie, both opponents lose a permanent point of that virtue. Dream craft is the skill retest and willpower can be used defensively.

Dream Venom aka The Withering aka Morphean Bile

The True Fae and some of their minions can poison the dreams of men. With the investiture of a willpower and glamour a Denizen can poison the dream of a corporeal creature. This poison infects a dreamer with a virtue penalty of -1 to all virtues, this penalty increase once every month, unless the poison is removed, until one of their virtues is effectively zero. At that time the Denizen can ride the host, dreamer, in the waking world. The dreamer can also relent at any time to the Denizen allowing the Denizen to possess the dreamer. The Denizen has access to all of the Denizen's and mortal's powers, abilities, and willpower, but is limited to the mortal's attributes. The Denizen replaces the virtue which was dropped to zero with its own, but uses the other virtues of the mortal. If the dreamer relented to the Denizen the mortal chooses which virtue will be replaced. A Denizen can be exorcised by dropping their virtue which is active rather than the mortal's to zero. This banishes the Denizen to Neverland and cannot come closer to reality for a year and a day. A Denizen can also leave if it chooses to, perhaps it was persuaded, the body its possessing repeatedly beaten, etc. If the host dies, the Denizen is free to resume its activities at sunset the next night using a different host.

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