Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kiths 4 of 6

The Fairest Of Them All

Fairest: they're pretty and artsy. lute elves, Tolkien elves. Blessing can spend glamour on socials as per blood, Merit retest on all expression and leadership. Curse:-2 to all challenges on a virtue chosen at creation. Their contract is Vainglory.
Fairest kiths
Bright Ones - made of light, sparkly pixies, lantern archons glowy people
Blessing:they glow giving a 1 trait equipment penalty on socials, they can spend a glamour to on a successful mental vs physical challenge blind a person for a round
Dancer - music box people, jugglers or courtesans
Blessing: Defense only discipline physical retest as per earth kith and skitterskulk
Draconic - exactly what they sound like
Blessing: offense only discipline physical retest as per fire kith
Flowering - flower faeries, pixies, sexy dryads
Blessing: offense only social discipline retest as per awe
Muse - exactly what they sound like
Blessing: Can grant a mortal, must be mortal and no way supernatural, a discipline retest on any extended static craft or expression challenge.

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