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Changeling Contracts part 3 of 4

Court Contracts come in two varieties, fleeting and eternal. Fleeting contracts can be purchased if you have the favor of a court. Anyone who is a member of a court automatically has favor. Every member of a court can grant a point of Favor equal to their level of rank in the court. More on that in the court section. Eternal contracts can only be purchased by court members no matter how much favor one may have. A changeling can only learn and use up to their rank rating in the eternal contracts. If they lose rank they do not unlearn the contract but it cannot be used until they get their title back.

Court contracts--------

for all court contracts one must have status 1 for that court to learn the fleeting contracts although they retain their function after one has quit. to learn the eternal contracts one must have a status equal to the level of contract and said status must be current for the contract to work. The powers do not disappear once one loses rank but they cannot be used unless one has rank equal to level of power.

Contracts of Fleeting Spring: Fleeting spring uses Awareness as a retest. Catch: caster must burn a heartfelt (writer had intimacy towards intended) love letter that has been seen and read by its intended for each casting of the power.

lvl 1 Cupid's Eye - social challenge against 10 traits, success reveals one of the victim's intimacies, victim's choice, successive uses of the power on the same target reveal additional intimacies at 15, 20 etc trait difficulties.

lvl 2 Pulling Heartstrings - costs one awareness, Social challenge success suppresses the bonus trait gained from an intimacy for an hour.

lvl 3 Binding or Red Thread - costs one awareness one glamour, social challenge with target, cannot be used on self target gains for one hour an intimacy of the caster's choice.

lvl 4 Golden Apple spend a willpower while crafting an item. anyone who holds or uses that item has an intimacy towards it/when using it. item lasts 28 days no more than the user's Wyrd in items may be active at once. when an item becomes inactive it falls to sparkling dust, even if it were made with the sturdiest of materials.

lvl 5 Young Man's Fancy spend one willpower 2 glamour. engage a social challenge with target, Target suffers a -2 penalty on temperance checks.

Contracts of Eternal Spring: Uses survival Catch: caster must sacrifice animal with a number of blood traits equal to the level of power used.

lvl 1 Bright new day - spend a survival touch a subject, can be used on self. all penalties and damage associated with fatigue, poison, or starvation vanish, it is as if the recipient has received a full meal and a good night's sleep without the concurrent regain of will.

lvl 2 Planting stick - Spend a survival, walk around a farm, field or patch of growing plants. must be able to be paced around in an hour. running is fine as are travel powers but no steeds, bikes, or conveyances of any kind. crops and animals treated this way are cleansed of blight, disease, parasites, infestations, the land is made healthy and nutritious and plants grow as if it were spring for a day. crops yield their maximum possible bounty, livestock is healthy and clean. Three days of this treatment is enough to reverse the effects of Witch Blight.

lvl 3 Graceful Hand of Renewal- touch target wound, spend one glamour wound is downgraded one stage from ag to lethal or from lethal to bashing or bashing to healed.

lvl 4 March of Passing Days- spend a willpower, touch a subject, subject grows as if they had a season of perfect health, nutrition and exercise in a day. this provides 3 months of 'convalescence' for healing times. works on plants, the season for plants is as per their growing season. counters Ache

lvl 5 Grass Underfoot - spend one willpower and 5 glamour. Grass and flowering plants spring up under the feet of the caster. All plants in the room bloom and grow as if they have had a season of growth. Everything in the room with the caster except the caster himself, friend or foe, for good or ill, is cleansed of toxins and diseases and regains one bashing health level, if they have no bashing a lethal is downgraded to bashing, if they have no lethal an ag is downgraded to lethal. this effect costs 2 glamour per round to maintain.

Contracts of Fleeting Summer: uses intimidate as retest Catch: character must sacrifice the liver of a rabid animal per level of power used. must have made sacrifice within 3 days of use. each sacrifice only works once and is expended.

lvl 1: Find Flaw: engage in mental challenge with subject, if successful, know their lowest virtue.

lvl 2: Object of Scorn: point at a subject and loudly and in a clear voice deride them. engage a mental challenge subject is down 1 social trait for an hour.

lvl 3: Mockery and Pointless Obfuscation: caster must engage subject in conversation for a full minute, incites a difficulty 3 anger frenzy in the target resisted with self control, even if subject is in no way subject to frenzy a killing rage overtakes them, aimed at the caster in which the frenzy rules apply. get a staffer.

lvl 4: Tripping Your Fellow Man: Mental challenge expend a glamour and change the target of any existent occurring frenzy. You decide who someone is frenzying on.

lvl 5. Outrunning The Bear: spend a willpower caster cannot be frenzied upon for one hour, frenzies still occur as normal but choose another target. caster cannot be target of effects produced by a frenzying creature, this includes creatures in permanent frenzy.

Contracts of Eternal Summer: uses occult as retest. Catch:character must give away an ounce of pure 24 karat gold per level of power to be used. Per use. said gold cannot come into contact with the character again. lest his powers cease functioning for one day per ounce.

lvl 1: Home and Hearth: expend one occult retest. the room is toasty and warm or cool and pleasant for one full hour, brought to the comfort level of the caster, if caster is outdoors field goes for 50 feet.

lvl 2: Brilliance of Hyperion: spend an occult character glows with the light of the sun for 200 feet in every directions, cannot engage in stealth challenges, gains 2 trait equipment bonus to leadership. light is not true sunlight but reflected doing merely 1 lethal per round to those affected by sunlight. and triggering a difficulty 3 fear frenzy.

lvl 3: Prometheus Fist: spend an occult and a glamour. character's hands glow with unearthly light. does an additional unarmed damage of solar fire. (1 ag) lasts one hour

lvl 4: Sunray: spend 1 willpower 3 glamour. for one hour caster manifests a beam of sunlight. the bolt is a weapon that does 2 ag, can be fired once per action and grants 1 physical trait. uses firearms.

lvl 5: Unblinking Eye of Appolyon: spend 1 willpower and 5 glamour, all illusions, all obfuscate, concealment or stealth magics, ends unless the caster of the illusion spends a willpower for the round. as the caster radiates sunlight for 100 yards in every direction. elder level powers (6 and up) are maintained at no cost, all things or people hidden through mundane means are revealed. costs 2 glamour to maintain,

Contracts of Fleeting Autumn: uses empathy retest. subject must not have ever seen the character's face.

lvl 1: as per cupid's eye (fleeting spring) except reveals a number of mental flaws or derangements(if any)

lvl 2: Phobos Kiss: spend a glamour social challenge with subject applies a -1 valor penalty to the subject.

lvl 3: Whispered Mantra: expend a glamour touch subject, subject has a +2 bonus on valor checks.

lvl 4: Fear of The Reaping: character gazes upon a target, target is subject to a 3 trait valor check or fear frenzy with the caster as stimulus. this happens even if the subject is of a creature type not given to frenzies. stimulus lasts for one round

lvl 5: Barghest Mien: spend one willpower, character is a 2 trait fear frenzy stimulus to all who behold her. must spend 1 glamour per round to maintain. this stimulus affects even those creatures of a type not given to frenzy.

Contracts of Eternal Autumn: uses survival Catch: caster must sacrifice animal with a number of blood traits equal to or greater than the level of power used.

lvl 1: Feast of famine:caster must touch subject, expend a survival. subject loses one glamour/blood/etc and if human takes one level of bashing from fatigue/starvation

lvl 2: Witch Blight: spend a survival, walk around a farm, field or patch of growing plants. must be able to be paced around in an hour. running is fine as are travel powers but no steeds, bikes, or conveyances of any kind. crops and animals treated this way are stricken with blight, disease, pests and the soil is turned to salt. nothing can grow upon this land for a full season. attempts to cause any kind of growth are 2 difficulty categories higher.

lvl 3:Fester: Spend a single glamour when you touch a wounded person, a single existing bashing becomes a lethal a lethal becomes an ag. touching unmarred flesh produces a bashing but frankly you could just have spent your effort punching someone for that effect. Does not work multiple times per strike. This effectively makes a character's strikes one wound category more deadly on any victim that is already wounded. e.g. they gain a bashing from the punch you are now throwing and turn a previous punch into a stab.

lvl 4:Ache: spend a glamour touch a creature already wounded. the creature cannot be healed by time, non supernatural medical help or convalescence for a full season.

lvl 5: Killing Frost - spend a willpower and 5 glamour all plants in the room wither and die, frost lines the room. Everyone except the caster, friend or foe must spend an extra willpower to heal or activate or maintain healing magics until the effect ends. costs 2 glamour to maintain.

Contracts of Fleeting Winter: no skill retest, Catch: Each use consumes one pounds of ice per level of power used. per use. caster must be in contact with said ice.

lvl 1: Evito - as per celerity 1

lvl 2: Guidiamo - expend a glamour, your steed or vehicle gains an additional step per round or 10% of its speed whichever is higher.

lvl 3: Colpisco - as per celerity 2

lvl 4: Progredico - as per celerity 3 except each level of fleeting winter must be paid for separately still, this just removes step penalty.

lvl 5: Morite - as per celerity 4

Contracts of Eternal Winter: uses Science as a retest Catch: character must giveaway Permanently a level of resources. and cannot have their resources rise above this new level for one month lest they lose their powers for one month. burning this resource allows use of the power for free for 72 hours

lvl 1: bank the blaze: a chill breeze whips through the room, extinguishing or dampening all fires or sources of heat. every fire (not sunlight, fire) is suppressed, doing one less damage, fires reduced to 0 levels go out. at the end of the round, those not extinguished return to their former size.

lvl 2: heart of ice: spend an science, touch a subject, their temperance gains a 2 trait bonus.

lvl 3: numbing touch: spend a glamour touch a subject, subject is not affected by wound penalties for one hour

lvl 4: Winter's Sabre: spend one glamour, for one round the character's weapon gains 2 lethal of cold damage and one trait offensively

lvl 5: Armor of Frost: spend a willpower and a glamour, the character's skin is covered in armor of ice, granting 2 defensive traits and an additional health level. fire and all heat (including sunlight) does lethal instead of ag

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