Wednesday, April 15, 2009

EEE! I'm back

I bought my computer before I saw the ad, based on the advertised long life that won't leave me unable to update. But I do like the Eee version of the energizer bunny. If anyone has any good ideas for backgrounds or motivators to turn into case stickers I'm all ears, drop em in the comments. I should be back up to updating with a quickness.

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  1. They've made some nice advances to Lion (Li-ion) batteries recently, but the advertised life is not usually what you get. Especially under non-minimal use, and there's always the battery tricks that people forget or ignore. Charge overnight before first use, charge when not in use, and I've even seen people remove the battery while they were plugged in.

    I've also been an asus user for some time. It's nice to see them branching out.

    All that was interesting, but the bunnies were more so...

    I have so many pics to share, but here's a random sample.