Monday, April 6, 2009

Wyrd Science

Wyrd is a measure of how much Wyld or Dreaming or flat out supernatural energy is in the changeling. how close they are becoming to being a creature of pure idea no longer clad in flesh. Wyrd is also one of those words like faerie, or wyld or olde tyme that has an extraneous and pretentious y to show that its all mystycal and magykal. Its moderately irritating but it does help differentiate it from being just plain weird or wild. All Changelings with a high Wyrd are very weird but not all changelings or people for that matter who are verry weird have high wyrds and acting weird won't particularly help your Wyrd. The difference between a girl gone wild and a girl gone wyld is that a girl gone wyld may well have piranha teeth or a third breast or breathe fire. Either way its a better video series than just some college lesbian experimentation on camera at mardi gras. Although I think I might pay to see Brian Froud's Girl's Gone Wyld with maybe Neil Gaiman or David Bowie as Snoop Dogg.

Now Game Mechanics

Wyrd costs 8 exp times desired level to increase, Wyrd can only be increased by spending a month in the Never Never in an area at least as deep as the dreamtime. A changeling 's Clarity cannot exceed 10 - their Wyrd. Wyrd costs 10 points per level to buy down. A character can buy off their first point of Wyrd for 30 exp and upon achieving clarity 10 become mortal. They must not have any supernatural intimacies, and must not have a living fetch in the physical world. At a Wyrd of 6 a changeling's trait max increases by 1 and they gain access to lvl 6 powers, and lvl 6 abilities. at Wyrd 8 they get access to level 7 powers, at Wyrd 10 they become a Denizen, their mortal body crumbling before the might of their glamour.

A changelings Can only have a number of vows active equal to Wyrd + intimacies. Any attempt to forge a vow beyond the character's maximum causes all involved to know the vow has failed. A changeling's Wyrd rating

A character ages at a reduced rate per point of Wyrd, 1/2 speed at Wyrd 1. 1/3 at Wyrd 2, 1/4 at Wyrd 3 and so on.

Creatures of Wyrd 6 and higher cannot catch mortal Diseases

Creatures of Wyrd 8 and higher cannot be poisoned by mundane means.

Creatures of Wyrd 6 or higher must gather their Wyrd -5 in glamour per night or their Wyrd drops by a level permanently.

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