Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh my, More Changeling Contracts Part 2 of 4

Below are seeming contracts each set of contracts are easier for a particular seeming to learn and harder for all others. As before anytime they document references another power or vampire go to vampire.echoesofempires.com for the appropriate rule text

Seeming Contracts-----

Contracts of Artifice: uses crafts to retest. Catch - crafter must create and give away for free an item of difficulty equal to the level of power used to someone he does not know

lvl 1 MacGyver - may repair an object without a scrounge roll for materials, repair lats a number of days per level of power.

lvl 2 Gremlinize - mental challenge vs 10 mentals look a complex mechanical device (must have multiple moving parts) and suppress its function for as long as gaze is maintained

lvl 3 Shoemaker's Bright Hammer - gain a an additional discipline retest on extended crafting challenge

lvl 4 Eye of Balor - spend a willpower as per Kuldonic's way of fire Shatter

lvl 5 Wings of Wax - Spend a willpower and create in one hour, without a scrounge roll needed for materials any object the crafter can normally craft, item lasts a number of days per level of power.

Contracts of Darkness: Uses intimidate as a retest Catch caster must have in their possession a vial of tears of someone they have frightened, the tears are consumed in the casting
lvl 1 Whistling to the Dark - as per obtenebration 1
lvl 2 Numbing Teror - as per nightmare lvl 1
lvl 3 The Following Dark - as per obtenebration 2
lvl 4 Fell Countenance - as per nightmare lvl 2
lvl 5 Form of Nightmares - as per obtenebration 3 except player may decide the look of the creature, i.e. the tentacles could be tendrils of vine or lobster claws or whatever, no game effect difference though.

Contracts of Elements: uses survival as retest, this is actually seven paths that must be purchased separately the path options are: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Lightning, for damage, lightning and metal do lethal, fire does ag all else does bashing. Catch: character must sit in meditation of their element with that element present for half an hour for each level of the power to be used. This catch lasts one day.

lvl 1: Cloak of Elements: spend a survival and take one less damage per attack for the round from that element

lvl 2: Armor of the Elements: spend a survival, the caster is surrounded by a swirling shroud of their element that does a level of damage to anyone using a non-reach or ranged attack against them, and includes the effect of the lvl 1 lasts one round

lvl 3: Gladius of Elemental Wrath: costs 1 glamour, the character's weapon is sheathed in substance of their element and adds one level of damage to the damage done by a weapon the character is using. after this level of damage is done the effect dissipates. effect does not stack with other elements or itself. if the damage is not done within an hour or the weapon is sheathed/put down by the caster the effect ends. lasts an hour

lvl 4: Elemental Passage: Costs 1 willpower
Caster must step into an amount of their element larger than their surface area and can step 10 feet per level of Contract to another amount of their element of a size larger than their total surface area. note unless other powers are used the caster still takes damage from passing through a fire for example.
If the destination for some reason is not present (i.e. someone knows what you're moving to and extinguishes the fire, turns off the electricity) all people going through transit take 4 levels of appropriate damage type and are spat out at their point of departure.

lvl 5:Form of the Elements: costs 1 glamour 1 willpower. Character becomes a living embodiment of their element, gaining an additional healthy health level and a discipline retest (like might) on all situations where might would apply. they also gain the benefits of the armor of the elements. character does not actually entirely become the element but their hair may turn to fire, skin to steel etc. lasts one hour

Contracts of Fang and Talon: this is actually 8 different disciplines that must be purchased separately but the beast seeming discount applies to all of them even those not of their specific kith. these eight disciplines govern the eight kiths of the beast seeming: broadback, hunterheart, runnerswift, skitterskulk, steepscrambler, swimmerskin, venombite, and windwing. all use animal ken as a retest. Catch: character must care for and feed an animal of the appropriate type for a day per free use of the power. these free uses all disappear when the character stops taking care of the animal.
lvl 1 beast speech - as per animalism but only communicates with the specific group of animals related to the seeming.

lvl 2 beast's keen senses - costs one animal ken as per auspex 1 heightened senses

lvl 3 pipes of the beast caller - as per animalism beckoning

lvl 4 borrowing - as per subsume the spirit

lvl 5 cloak of borrowed form - character can turn into any animal in the appropriate group. All attributes remain the same.

Contracts of Stone: has no appropriate retests Catch: Character must be outnumbered by 3 to 1 or better. these powers do not take an action to activate. when active they activate for one hour. a glamour must be spend for each.
lvl 1 Strength of the Wold - as per potence 1
lvl 2 Enduring Stone - Caster does not suffer wound penalties beyond bruised.
lvl 3 Strong as the Hill - as per potence 2
lvl 4 Hale as the Stone - Caster has an additional healthy health level.
lvl 5 Redcap's Hungry Maw: Must spend one hour devouring all food in sight, and must devour at least one's head's weight in food. heal 3 health levels.

Contracts of Vainglory: retested with leadership Catch: Character must have exchanged bodily fluids of some sort with subject(s)within the past month. a kiss will do.

lvl 1 Mask of Superiority - lasts 1 hour character gains +1 social trait as per potence's physical trait
lvl 2 Splendor of Arcadia - as per awe lasts one hour
lvl 3 Fanfare - character gains an additional social trait, stacks with lvl 1
lvl 4 Mantle of Terrible Beauty - everyone in sight of character must make a Courage test difficulty of the character's level in the power or flee. spending a willpower will automatically cause the challenge to succeed.
lvl 5 Echoes of the LLano - as per Melpominee Siren's beckoning using leadership

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