Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Graceful Wicked Mass Combat

So far I have read most of the Graceful Wicked Masques book and I like it. The shaping combat is going to take a few dozen tries to get right but I think if I get a forgiving troupe we could do some dry runs. Combat amongst the fae is weird and narrative but the combat as it is intended in exalted is weird and narrative. For the first time in... ever I am actually playing in an exalted game where the stunt system is being rigorously used. Its interesting but I think it would do better as 2 games. Exalted combat takes half as long as combat in the Old World of Darkness but in the OWoD there's a reason why they called it Vampire- The Eternal Struggle. Rolling a defensive dice pool and counting fiddly numbers has been replaced with a static Defense Value, and that's good but there is still a pretty complicated initiative system stol- er borrowed from Feng Shui (an awesome game in its own right). Playing in a party of nine exalts, seven of which are new to the game system, 3 of which are new to any White Wolf product is slow going. I dread the day when everyone here gets flurry attacks.

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