Friday, March 13, 2009

Secret Projekt Evil

I have been spending the last 6 hours trapped in a bunker in the library working on a secret evil project. This is why there have been few updates. and why I write to you know. believe me, when you see it it will be glorious.
Also My gaming not of the day, little artifacts make all the difference. If there's someone who can make character sketches that's great, but a character diary or a prop or if you can, a costume or a map of the character's home, a day planner. all of these are great for tabletop. They;re essential in larp. In larp you need to set the scene far more to create a deeper sense of immersion.
assignment, think of 5 things you character has in his pocketses that don't normally appear on the inventory sheer, bits of string, half eaten candybar, someone's phone number, feel free to use your own (or other people's with permission) pockets for inspiration.

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