Monday, March 2, 2009

Forget What Ya Heard

No matter what the date says on this post this is still part of a twice a day update. The plan, see, is to update once at 6 when I get back from class and once at midnight when I get back from game. If I stop gaming till midnight or (god forbid) start waking up before 11 with something coherent to say I will change this pattern but all things being equal its not tomorrow until I go to bed. if it makes you feel any better you can pretend Delaware is on the west coast, its not like most people would know if it was. I'm currently running an Exalted Modern game.

Some house rules I know and love include, 1. DV reduces and keeps reducing until the characters initiative comes up. This may seem to make people weaker but it keeps fight from going on for hours. 2. Screw fatigue penalties. 3. DV's do not go down when characters attack, this balances rule 1 and makes the characters tougher again but combat still goes quickly. You can either wear someone down or your can't, no fiddling about with trying fifty different combos only to find out none work. 4. People can channel virtues as many times as they like so long as they have willpower, this goes for villains and heroes it heightens the difference between the lesser Exalted and the mere mortals. 5. Everyone gets the same number of experience points, no matter what they do no matter if they even attend the session. This amount will be set by me and there will be no deviations. This I have found is the best rule ever for rpgs and should be adopted regardless of system. More on this in another post.

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