Thursday, March 26, 2009

Awesome art site, and also more changeling rules

This website Has some incredible art.
On a totally unrelated note. Changelings get their powers through contracts, pacts with various beings and taking advantage of existing pacts that those beings and forces have made with the world.
Here is part 1 of 4 of changeling contracts.

Powers and Contracts:
Note Re: contracts activation ALL contracts costs a glamour. this glamour in addition to the other cost is what is avoided by the various catches. all contracts unless otherwise noted take an action to activate.

Universal contracts-----

Contracts of Dream: Uses Craft Dream as a retest. Caster must have a level of fatigue damage on their person, (bashing) per use of the power.

lvl 1 Pearl Portal - character automatically succeeds at the challenge to enter a person's dream.

lvl 2 Piggyback - costs 1 glamour per additional person. character may take a number of people into a dream with them on a successful Craft Dream Challenge

lvl 3 Heal the Dream - costs a number of glamour, character spends one glamour per point of willpower provided to dreamer, must make a successful dream tasking challenge. This cannot take the dreamer above their maximum temporary willpower.

lvl 4 Purify Dream - Costs a glamour, caster removes all poison from a dream.

lvl 5 Gently falling leaves - cost 1 willpower 4 glamour. caster takes lethal instead of ag if damaged by ejection from a dream.

Contracts of Wandering: Uses Streetwise as retest Catch, consumes 1 ounce of mercury per level per use.

lvl 1 Sounding - spend a streetwise touch a songline you know its key and a 20 word description of the nearest waypoint or freehold on either direction along the line

lvl 2 Quicksilver - spend a glamour per person in your group. link hands everyone in the group is whisked along to the next point along a songline provided there is no intervening person or obstacle. The party stops when they reach a person or obstacle.

lvl 3 Whoever Knocks - spend a glamour, touch a waypoint or place of power. know the person who rules there and what if any the laws and bans of the place are.

lvl 4 Adaptation - spend a willpower, The caster transforms into a form that can withstand the natural effects of an area for an hour. they sprout gills to swim underwater, they turn into living flame in lava this power mitigates the spiritual effects of the Never Never so that they apply hourly instead of per round. This power does not work in the Primal Chaos. This adaptation does not help with things that are not the natural environment. for example a person could use this power to stand in a volcano but still be burned by a cigarette while standing there.

lvl 5 Lockdown - Spend a permanent willpower touch a leyline or waypoint. A being cannot use the leyline or enter or leave the waypoint/node/place of power/freehold without meeting a catch placed by the owner or paying a glamour and a willpower.

Contracts of Fate: No Catch ever - can not be used on the same skill more than once per night or lose ties for one full night, note the lvl 5 power can only be used once per interval for the extended challenge or lose ties for a full interval

lvl 1 Miss step - spend empathy; social challenge opponent is at -1 to next action

lvl 2 Fortune's Bold Favor - spend empathy target is +2 to next action

lvl 3 Delphic Inspiration - spend empathy and glamour get a discipline retest on next challenge

lvl 4 The Lady's Grace - spend empathy and glamour gain a discipline retest for the next round

lvl 5 Strands Rewoven - spend 1 willpower extended static action difficulty reduced by one category

Contracts of Mirror: Catch, must craft from glass a model of the finished form of a difficulty equal to level of power used, if the model is broken the power ends. glass item must be touched to activate the power. As per vicissitude retests medicine use craft glass instead of crafts body for trait alterations.

note: a person's reflection always remains the same

lvl 1 Gurning - see malleable visage replace glamour for blood

lvl 2 Ihre Nase - as per malleable visage, works on other

lvl 3 Resplendant Vanity - see fleshcraft - self only
lvl 4 Pygmalion's Gift - see fleshcraft unchanged

lvl 5 Garden of the Body - see bonecraft unchanged

Contracts of Smoke: power cancels auspex at a 1 for 1 stealth retests, Catch must swallow the eye of a mammal or bird as you activate the power one eye per level of power used

lvl 1 Hiding in a Teacup - as per obfuscate 1

lvl 2 Cameo Dissappearance - as per obfuscate 1 works on cameras

lvl 3 Hidden Between Raindrops - as per obfuscate 2

lvl 4 Uncredited Extra - as per obfuscate 2 works on cameras

lvl 5 Alan Smithee As -as per obfuscate 3 works on cameras

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