Friday, March 20, 2009

Yet More Changeling Rules

    A fetch is a creature left in the place of a changeling by their fae kidnappers it doesn't show up all of the time but most of it. it lives their life without them. It takes their place and their name. The fetch is tied to the changeling, twinned to their soul. The changeling always knows the direction and distance of their fetch and vice versa. the Fetch is primarily interested in maintaining the deception that they are the changeling's previous self. Its secondary drive is the elimination of the changeling. this it usually accomplishes through a proxy or proxies due to conflicts with its primary drive. A changeling can upon creation take the background Fetch at any rating form 1 to 5. A changeling loses a number of glamour per night equal to their rating in fetch. All changelings start with 1 level of fetch on creation and may buy off this dot for 3 freebie points. When a changeling kills their fetch through game play. they gain a dot of Wyrd.
Taking the Fetch flaw at levels past 1 grants the  user 2 freebies per level. A note to staff, a level 1 fetch has an exact duplicate of the changeling's character sheet. a lvl 2 fetch has all traits 1 higher, all skills 1 higher. a level 3 has all traits 1 higher, all skills one higher and all compacts the player has at 1 higher. A level 4 has  2 higher on traits  2 more dots of skills  one more do of compacts and an additional compact up to level 4. At level 5 a fetch  has any compacts the character has at 5. and 2 additional compacts at 5. All traits maxed and their trait max is two higher than the character. All skills at 2 and any of the player's skills at 5.
ALL Fetches of any level have a Wyrd of 5 and clarity of 5.

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