Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is just an idea for complicated systems for quick start. Perhaps a set of template pre-made characters that are actually well built, unlike the p.o.s. pregens White-wolf always puts out and D&d usually gives that come with the book? I end up running a lot of long running games with people joining slowly over time so that about 1 out of 3 sessions is taken up by someone new making a character. if I could just hand them a sheet that actually works and is competitive, they could begin play immediately. then they could tweak it between games. I have a policy, one I urge every storyteller to adapt. for the first 3 and sometimes first 5 sessions of every game I run, even larps, I allow players to completely re-spec their characters.

Often you want to play a worthwhile warrior or a puissant mage or even a talented florist. Then you find that the super ultimate sword technique, or the super damage ball spell or even the peony blossom arrangement style you picked and spent so many starting points on is in fact mathematically far weaker and lamer than advertised or doesn't even do the thing it says. Cleave doesn't let you cleave through opponents, the conscience virtue does not in any way reflect the strength of your conscience, and the peony blossom style is all about sword fighting. I've found the usual character or player learning curve to find out what attacks or spells or skills are actually at all useful is about three games. after that if you bought it, you have it. This also encourages players to try and use all of the various things on their sheet during the first three games to give you as the storyteller a chance to see what they can and can't do.

as an update to the previous post, I specifically dissagree with Jesse's take in this article.

The word Science could just as easily be replaced with storytelling.

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