Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Changeling Part 1

Changeling is a game about what lies outside ourselves, our borders. Changelings are those people who have lost their soul and their name to the chaotic depths of the ever changeling Wyld. Some were kidnapped as in the old stories by elves or strange dryad; perhaps they went bowling with some strange men beneath a tree and today they find themselves back in the world. Most commonly these people are escapees who had been kidnapped by the gentry and made to live strange lives as servants, pets, or in some cases furniture and scenery for the fey lords and ladies. The openings that allow escape began in 2001 with an event called the Returning in which the portals, gateways, and paths of the Wyld were once again connected to the tapestry of creation, allowing those who had been trapped to be capable of working themselves free. Characters can be from any time after 1700, but can only have been active on earth since the Returning. Not all changelings are abductees, although most are. Some have found the secret paths and song lines into the land that the escapees have used to find earth and followed them the wrong way. These brave, foolish, or unlucky people find themselves in the Never Never without the dubious benefit of a master to protect them and some few have returned to earth to tell of it. It is a big, strange world that has such people in it.

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