Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to Succeed as a Storyteller

Nobody tuns games for a living, even those who write game fiction or game books don't run for a living. Therefore anything you do in your game is not for profit as a rule. So as long as your players don't catch on, steal mercilessly and often. The key is to steal from obscure sources or to put on a palette swap or two. Few people will recognize the story from Breakfast Club if its set in a prison for noblemen like say the tower of London in a fantasy Middle age setting. Personally I like recycling stories from Veggie Tales and other children's cartoons. The stories are simple and easy to follow and tend to have recognizable quirky characters. Because the characters don't have bodies they need to have exaggerated vocal quirks or mannerisms to help differentiate them, this translates to spoken word or rpg play easily. When in doubt mix 2 things that are similar, like Breakfast club and High School Host Club. Or two things that are very Dissimilar, like Care Bears and Kult.

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