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And Now Some Changeling Rules

Rules for changeling the Wanderer's Larp system.

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While oaths sworn immediately and under duress can have force enhanced by the Never Never, channeling the Wyld to obey the words and feelings behind them in a manner that even pretends to be predictable is a delicate and difficult thing. No being, mortal or fae can have more magically binding oaths than they have Conviction + Wyrd. Crafting an oath is a Crafts: Oaths extended challenge, using the crafting rules, for the number of total traits you want the oath to grant the parties involved. An oath standardly imposes a penalty equal to the bonus given when broken, to craft an oath with a more dire or violent penalty, one may exchange a trait for:
a level of bashing damage,
2 traits for 1 lethal
3 for 1 ag. or
exchange 2 traits per point of a flaw to be imposed.
Either way the total penalty cannot be greater than than the bonus granted. Bonuses can be exchanged as follows.
1 trait per point of temporary glamour gained
2 traits per point of temporary willpower gained
1 trait for Ensorcelment
2 traits to increase the level of an existing merit.
2 traits to increase someone's court rank needs approval of person of appropriate rank
3 traits for freehold membership.

One cannot gain the benefits from multiple oaths on a single challenge. Oaths give equipment bonuses to challenges and thus override but do not stack with equipment. Girding one's self in an oath takes an action. A person calling traits from an oath can still get the benefit (almost always 1 trait) of an "off hand" piece of equipment. Switching between 'hands' as always takes no time or action. No Benefit from an oath lasts more than a year and a day. the oath ends then and must be Refreshed. All benefits of both parties end if either breaks the terms of the oath. Then the violation conditions apply.

Sample Oaths
Oath of Ensorcelment Lvl 1
Requirements: a changeling and a mortal creature, creature must have at least 3 mental traits (be sentient) the changeling swears to enlighten the mortal and be their guide in the Never Never the mortal swears to do the bidding of the changeling in the mortal world. The changeling invests the mortal with a point of glamour which does not return. The mortal is then unaffected by the mists and can see the world at the level of clarity of their changeling master. The mortal can then learn contracts at twice normal costs although this provides no contracts for free. The ensorceled mortal has a glamour pool equal to their willpower. If either party breaks the oath or renounces their association with the other, the ensorcelment ends. The mortal forgets all of their time interacting with changelings from the moment of the oath on but they retain any skills or contracts they have gained since. this is largely a moot point as their glamour pool goes away. Upon the renunciation the changeling gets their point of glamour back and must make a difficulty 3 compassion test or lose a point of compassion.
Oath of Induction lvl 1
Requirements: This oath is between a person with a rank of 2 or more in an order or court and someone wishing to join a court or order. The petitioner agrees to follow all of the tenets of the court or order they are joining. Their sponsor agrees to aid them in their task. The sponsor gets 1 glamour per night that their petitioner is in the order. the petitioner gets membership in the order. If the petitioner breaks the oath they are branded oathbreaker, a bruise appears on their cheek in the shape of the fleur-de-lis or a broken symbol of their court or order. The damage (1 bashing) can be healed immediately but the mark does not fade unless they have atoned before a member of the court or order they have broken faith with of a rank equal to or higher than their original sponsor who is not their sponsor. Their sponsor stops receiving the glamour until such a time as the petitioner has atoned.
Oath of Service - task Lvl 2
This is an oath between changeling and changeling or changeling and Dream creature. The Master agrees to pay the Servant in some tangible object, money, or glamour, (not with service in kind, that is a different oath) at a specific time or event. The servant gets a 1 trait bonus to the task, and a -2 trait penalty to all actions that are not in service to the task until the task is complete. The master gains a one trait bonus to leadership. and, if they do not pay the agreed amount on time, loses a pound of their flesh (takes a level of lethal damage that is healable but not preventable, it will keep bleeding though) if they do not pay on time. This pound of flesh is spirited into the hands of their former servant to do with as they will.
Oath of Service - Absyssic lvl 3
This is an oath between changeling and changeling or changeling and Dream creature. The Master agrees to pay the Servant in some tangible object, money, or glamour, (not with service in kind, that is a different oath) at a specific time, regular interval, or event. The Servant agrees to serve their master for a period of time no longer than a year and a day. The master gets a 1 trait bonus to all leadership challenges, gains a 1 trait bonus to intimidate challenges. The servant gains a temporary glamour each day of service. If the servant breaks their troth and does not obey their master they are struck with a scourging of whips, doing 1 lethal and a bashing upon their backs. This damage can only be healed at the end of the time of service or at their master's will and cannot be prevented. If the master does not pay his servant they are marked on the forehead with the brand of the bar sinister. Doing 1 ag, unhealable until they have paid their servant or their rightful heirs in case the servant is dead. if there are no rightful heirs the mark persists for 20 years.
Oath of Fealty - lvl 4
This oath is between a member of a court or order and someone who is a member of said order wishing to rise in rank. Requirements: the Person to whom the oath is sworn must have a rank of at least 2 higher than the one being sought. The petitioner swears to obey the master in all things. The master swears to teach and to protect the servant form all enemies. The servant gains a point of temporary willpower to avoid being swayed from their master's tasks. The master gains 2 points of glamour per day that their servant works for them. If the servant should disobey they have a -2 trait penalty to all actions until their master has forgiven them. If the master fails to protect or teach his servant, his right hand will bleed (taking a lethal) and will not heal until their servant is saved, if the servant has already perished, the wound heals after a year and a day.
Corroboree Lvl 5
Requirements: At least 1 person of Court status 2 from each court. All 4 must pace the perimeter of an estate or the edges of a room or the curtailage of a property while chanting. the spell takes effect when everyone is back in their place.
Duration:1 month
Participants: 1 leader, 3 other signatories, assembled multitude.
Benefit: Leader gets 1 glamour and a +1 to leadership challenges for the night, the other casters each get a glamour
Sanction: All within the area set by the Corroboree have a 2 trait penalty to any aggressive combat challenges or mental or social compulsion challenges that they initiate. They also have a 1 trait penalty to one other physical mental or social challenge set by the leader during the chant. i.e. -1 to all investigations, -1 to all performance , -1 to everything social challenges done by beast kiths. -1 to any crafts charms performed by redheaded Eskimos. Whatever,
the leader of Corroboree cannot lead the next Corroboree in which they take part.

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