Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Very Interesting...But Stupid

A prime difference between larp and tabletop is plot. In tabletop players want plot and want the plot to be about them. In larp plot is a deadly, venomous, crotch seeking viperbadger with a heart full of hate and rage. The formula is simple. Anything that is interesting in tabletop or interesting to the storyteller is bad for the player.

Interesting means there is some kind of plot or action

Plot Requires Drama.

Drama Requires Conflict.

For something to be a Conflict and not merely scene description Conflict must be of an approximately equivalent challenge or have a chance (or seem to have a chance) of causing the Player Character to genuinely fail.

Chances of failure when there weren't any before is aggravating as buggery.
Getting rid of said chances of failure inevitably costs you one of the three things our character doesn't have enough of. Time, Wherewithal, or Hit Points/Health Levels.

If it is interesting to you it is probably causing painful forced entry for someone else. If this appeals to you, you are probably destined to be a storyteller. If you do not, however, understand this point and plan accordingly, you are probably a bad storyteller.

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