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Werewolf Totem Spirits

Each garou can have up to three totems, a personal totem, a pack totem, and a sept totem.  These totems have the following limitations:
1)  The greater brood incarnae may not be taken as personal totems by anyone less than rank four.  They may not be taken as sept totems for any sept that does not have a majority of members who are in the brood of that totem and they may not be taken as pack totems by any pack that does not have a majority of members who are of that brood.
2)  The greater cardinal (aka elemental) incarnae may not be taken as personal totems by anyone less than rank four.  They may not be taken as sept totems for any sept that does not have a majority of members who are of the appropriate essence and they may not be taken as pack totems for any pack that does not have a majority of members who are of the appropriate essence.
3)  Your personal totem must be one for which you have completed its renown quest.  No exceptions.
4)  Each totem grants a particular ability to garou that have it.  Personal totems grant a minor but notable ability, typically on par with a level three vampire discipline.  Pack totems generally grant each member of the pack the ability to grant some benefit to some other member of the pack.  Sept totems often grant significant abilities, usually on par with a level four vampire discipline or a level five vampire thaumaturgical ritual, but only when the werewolf is within the boundaries of the sept.  The totems of the greater incarnae grant abilities that are notably more powerful.
5)  Each sept may only have one totem.
6)  Each pack may have only one totem.  Due to laws of spirit interaction agreed upon by the Maeljin Incarnae, two packs within a sept may not have the same totem.
7)  Garou with no wolf may be part of sept and pack, thus gaining the grace of a totem, even if they cannot access other werewolf powers.  It is extremely rare, but these kinfolk may also have a personal totem as well.
8)  A garou who violates the bans of one of their totems loses that totem's benefits.  To regain these powers, the werewolf must do pennance (typically a quest on par with those to gain rank/renown, only with no rank benefit.)  After the quest is completed, the werewolf's power will return on the next full moon.
9)  A personal totem will never manifest.
10)  Pack totems manifest at the cost of one gnosis spent by each pack member in unison (spent on the same round.)  Use the appropriate totem's pack stat block to determine abilities.  Pack totems must remain within sight (the spirit's sight) of at least one member of the pack at all times.
11)  Sept totems manifest at the cost of one gnosis spent per each sept member, all spent in one round.  This gnosis may be spent by any combination of members of the sept.
12)  Sept totems may not leave the sept.
13)  The rite dedicating a sept totem causes that totem to be the spirit of that caern/node.
14)  Dedication of a totem has a permanent cost.  Please see the following table:

* Personal, lesser:  One permanent Rage
* Personal, greater:  One permanent Rage and Willpower
* Pack, lesser:  One permanent Gnosis
* Pack, greater:  One permanent Gnosis, Rage, and Willpower
* Sept, lesser:  One permanent Willpower*
* Sept, greater:  One permanent Gnosis and Willpower*

**This cost does not need to be paid by any member of the sept that does not leave the caern.  Leaving the caern will sever the connection to the totem, and the sept member will need to be rededicated.

15)  A pack can have no less than three and no more than seven members.  The rite to form a pack cannot be performed with less than three people (although one will still get the benefits of the totem if membership is brought back up if reduced below three) and cannot be performed if there are already seven members.  The rite to bond a pack totem requires at least one person in the pack to have the totem in question as a personal totem.
16)  A Sept can only support ten times the rating of the caern at its heart in werewolves.  Dedicating the sept to a particular totem requires that at least one person in the sept have the totem in question as a personal totem.

Maeljin Incarnae

Foebok:  Water Dominance (Cruelty)
* Personal:  costs zero rage to change
* Pack:  may trade a rage trigger with a member of the pack for the cost of a will and a gnosis
* Pack totem:  Thunderwyrm
* Sept:  reduce all damage taken by one from each source
* Sept totem:   Hakakem
* Fetish:  Ice talon
Vorus:  Water Cunning  (Paranoia)
* Personal:  may enter Any of the three umbrae (Deadlands, Never Never, Middle Umbra)
* Pack:  may spend two gnosis for another member of the pack to gain one
* Pack totem:  Ooralath
* Sept:  cannot be seen except through use of a level five power or greater (as obfuscate five)
* Sept totem:  Relshab
* Fetish:  Umbral Mirror

Mahstraac:  Water Judgement  (Hatred)
* Personal:  bonus social trait, may take you above your max
* Pack:  may spend a leadership retest to add one social trait to another member of the pack for one hour
* Pack totem:  Hordeling
* Sept:  spirits lose ties on mental and social challenges vs. the garou

* Sept totem:  Green Dragon

* Fetish:  Mask
Bashkai:  Fire Dominance  (Violence)
* Personal:  bonus brawl, may take you above your max
* Pack:  inflict an aggravated wound on yourself.  another member of the pack does two additional levels of lethal damage on their next attack.
* Pack totem:  Gorehound
* Sept:  your attacks do an extra level of lethal damage

* Sept totem:  Malik Harjak

* Fetish:  Klaive
Khaloob:  Fire Cunning  (Independence)
* Personal:  bonus mental trait, may take you above your max
* Pack:  may spend two skill retests to give someone else one level of that same skill for one challenge.
* Pack totem:  Skull Pig
* Sept:  any round in which you spend rage anyone that can see you who does not have this totem and you wish to take this damage takes one bashing damage per round, to a maximum of six from this effect on any single target.

* Sept totem:  Dark Fungus

* Fetish:  Shadowstaff
Kanubia:  Fire Judgement  (Lust)
* Personal:  additional bashing damage done for attacks against one's pack or sept members
* Pack:  may grant any merit or flaw of shape that you have to any other member of the pack at the cost of its value in gnosis for a minute.  If it is a merit, you no longer have it and they do.  You get to keep a flaw granted by this power.  These return to you at the end of the minute
* Pack totem:  Raptor
* Sept:  add two to breeding

* Sept totem:  Empress Aliara

* Fetish:  Bonelash
Gree:  Air Dominance  (Despair)
* Personal:  bonus temporary rage, may take you above your max, if rage is full the first rage spent must be used on extra action
* Pack:  may spend two rage to grant another member of the pack one
* Pack totem:  Nocturne
* Sept:  know the precise location of everything within 200 yards.  This can only be superseded by a level five or greater power

* Sept totem:  Bat

* Excrutiator
Letharg:  Air Cunning  (Apathy)
* Personal:  win ties on all lore challenges
* Pack:  if a member of the pack loses a mental or social challenge, you may take the result on yourself instead of the recipient, provided you do so within one combat round
* Pack totem:  Drattos
* Sept:  when a willpower is spent to ignore a compulsion (including frenzy) the garou functions at full capacity and this lasts for a scene (one hour) rather than a combat round

* Sept totem:  Whippoorwill

* Dreamcatcher
Pseulak:  Air Judgement  (Lies)
* Personal:  Do not suffer the social trait penalty for dealing with creatures without a rage pool.
* Pack:  may spend a willpower to suppress a pack member's frenzy for one round
* Pack totem:  Oasis
* Sept:  may teach as though possessed of ten additional social traits

* Sept totem:  Kirijama

* Labrynthstone
Angu:  Earth Dominance  (Fear)
* Personal:  may spend one rage to heal at double rate for one round
* Pack:  may spend one rage to take the damage inflicted on a pack member by a single source, causing the pack member to take no damage and have you take it instead.  You gain no rage benefit from taking this damage.
* Pack totem:  Bitter Rage
* Sept:  treat all lethal damage as bashing damage

* Sept totem:  Lady Aife

* Fetish:  Anchorstone
Sykora:  Earth Cunning  (Greed)
* Personal:  has a discipline level retest on defensive mental challenges
* Pack:  holding a weapon will cause another member of your pack to be holding a similar weapon for as long as you hold yours.
* Pack totem:  Seeder
* Sept:  reduce difficulty to cast rituals by half (round up)

* Sept totem:  The Doge Klypse

* Fetish:  Spirit Pouch
Abhora:  Earth Judgement  (Power)

* Personal:  has a discipline level retest on defensive social challenges
* Pack:  if you can overbid a social or mental challenge in which you are engaged and you succeed in the challenge, you  can cause a member of your pack to win ties on a similar challenge (uses the same ability) undertaken within the next minute.
* Pack totem:  Shade Spider
* Sept:  bonus two willpower

* Sept totem:  Lord Steel

* Fetish:  Ring of Obedience
Brood Incarnae

Typhon:  Dominance
* Personal:  do an additional level of lethal damage with all attacks
* Pack:  may spend a rage to grant a member of your pack an extra action, provided it is used to attack
* Pack totem:  Warbeast
* Sept:  you may spend rage to refresh your brawl, athletics, melee, defense, and firearms instead of spending willpower

* Sept totem:  Typhonian

* Fetish: Grand Klaive
Hagenthi:  Cunning
* Personal:  do not need double traits to overbid, just a greater number
* Pack:  for any challenge that you triple overbid, every member of your pack
automatically succeeds at a similar non-attack challenge
undertaken within the next minute.
* Pack totem:  Devourer
* Sept:  when in frenzy the werewolf may take any action that could concievably lead to the destruction of his enemies, rather than being forced to attack and use the most powerful powers

* Sept totem:  Hagenth

* Fetish:  Hagenthi's Maw
Karnala:  Judgement
* Personal:  is treated as having the ability majesty, only affecting other garou.  Will function on a werewolf in frenzy.
* Pack:  for the cost of a willpower you may give a level of any ability you possess to another member of your pack for the duration of one challenge.  the ability is considered spent
* Pack totem:  Enticer
* Sept:  no one may violate their spoken word to you without first spending your rank in willpower

* Sept totem:  Karnalian

* Fetish:  Tablets
Cardinal Incarnae

H'rugg: Water
* Personal:  heal one extra lethal per round.
* Pack:  spend one gnosis.  instead of regenerating on any given round, you may grant the amount that you could have regenerated to another member of your pack.
* Pack totem:  Hruggling
* Sept:  gain all of the benefits of any form you can take, regardless of the form that you are in

* Sept totem:  Lord Collum

* Fetish:  Blood Chalice
Fermas:  Fire
* Personal:  if attacked with a melee or brawl attack, when successfully struck the attacker takes one lethal damage
* Pack:  spend one rage.  your attacks do no damage for the round, but another member of your pack does an additional level of damage on their next successful strike.  you may spend more than one rage on this power.
* Pack totem:  Furmling
* Sept:  if you so choose, all of your strikes of any sort do aggravated damage

* Sept totem:  Lord Kurne

* Fetish:  Dreadspear
Hoga:  Air
* Personal:  gain one extra action per round at no cost.  This action goes last.
* Pack:  spend a defense retest to cause a member of your pack to take one less damage from an attack.  may spend multiple defense on a single attack.
* Pack totem:  Hogling
* Sept:  instead of taking steps, may teleport to any location that can be seen by the garou

* Sept totem:  Lord Choke

* Fetish:  Bottled Night
Lady Yul:  Earth
* Personal:  may spend willpower to defend in a physical challenge as if it were mental/social
* Pack:  spend one gnosis and take a level of lethal damage.  an attack that just struck a packmate does no damage
* Pack totem:  Waakshan
* Sept:  may spend multiple willpower to defend rather than just one

* Sept totem:  Waaksha
* Fetish:  Fulminous Carapace                    

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