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Staff creation of NPC rules

Staff creation of NPC rules
 Every staffer has an allowance of danger for the month. they should not exceed this allowance without specific permission if their superiors. A superior can Dole out their danger points to their underlings. e.g an ast can give a narrator some extra points for a plot she is running and so on. The only person who can refill a HST's danger points are members of the world staff, specifically Dave Christoph.
Narrator - 10
Ast - 100
Hst - 1000

A person with a danger allowance of 10 can make  5 danger rating 2 people, 10 danger rating 1 people, 3 3's etc. 

These numbers change with each season, this is for the monster chapter. During the villains chapter ast's tend to have more and narrators less, during the humans chapter narrators tend to get more and ast's less. 
Keep in mind everyone you create from the littlest human, to a ghoul in the corner to bob the security guard is worth at least one point. When possible re-use characters.
Creating An elder vampire, may be danger 7 by himself but once you add his personal ghouls (3 each at danger 3) the security guards on his mansion, (5 danger 2's) and the mortals that run his influences (a half dozen danger 1's) he's around danger 32. If at all possible all of these entities should be given at least mini-sheets so that they can be used by other staffers or perhaps those who come after. 
Staffers can only make creatures of types that have been unlocked by their superiors and must ask for special dispensation for any other creature types. 
HST's have all creature types unlocked and may assign creatures to their subordinates, who can then subdivide this work. for example, Susan (HST) gives Justin (AST) permission to create Spirits of any type, Justin can then give Sam, a new Narrator permission to create Wraiths in order to run a giovanni plot.
Everyone can create humans.

Remember that once introduced all npcs gain 1 exp per month

Every character has a danger level.
in their primary trait category they have (danger level + 1d6)+2 traits
in their secondary trait categories they have (danger level + 1d6) traits
In their tertiary trait category they have (danger level +1d4) traits

In the appropriate skill for their task i.e. a security guard will have security, a bouncer will have athletics or brawl, a doctor will have medicine etc. they will have their danger rating in the skill. In any other relevant skill for the scene, (when in doubt pick 9 skills) they have
Danger rating * (d2-1) levels in each of the skills for example a danger rating 1 gangsta will have a dot of streetwise and 0 or 1 dot in brawl 0 or 1 dot in firearms, 0 or 1 in security, and several other skills.

Vampires have ((3)(d2-1))*(Danger rating)  basically 3 coin flips per danger levels of disciplines
Werewolves have 2*danger rating levels of gift.
changelings have ((3)(d2-1)* (Danger rating); 3 coin flips per danger levels of contracts.
wraiths have ((2)(d2-1)*(Danger Rating); 2 coin flips per danger rating.
Spirits have ((2)(d2-1)*(Danger Rating); 2 coin flips per danger rating.

These danger numbers refer only to creating new entities, existing entities do not count towards the staffer's allowance so long as they have character sheets and are on file with the HST of their home game and a copy of said file is available to the world staff. undocumented npcs dissappear at the end of the month, never to be seen again. Staffers that wish to keep their undocumented npcs must pay for them out of their danger rating each month.
You cannot save your points form month to month, if you wish to amass a group of people it takes time and you make first one then another and so on. At the first of each month your total refreshes. 

Everyone matters, even the little people, they have lives and stories that they think are important but our job is to tell stories, these stories are bout the players. But just because that is true out of character, there's no reason for the npcs to believe this to be true in character. Creating a new person in the game world is a responsibility. The same girl in the bar in someone's feeding scene has a day job, perhaps she's a receptionist at a doctor's office in someone's health influence. she has a family, her father may be the cop of someone's police influence. Don't be afraid to re-use stock bit characters. A gang banger who escapes a botched feeding may be the hunter that shows up 6 months later, or he may have sought out vampires and be the ghoul of the new npc brujah in town. We are building a bank of sheets, both in grapevine format and battle sheet formats. Adding to this library helps build the context of the world, drawing from this library helps maintain it.

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