Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hunter The Awakened

Hunter The Awakened

5 sects.
1. The Holy Scourge
subsets, 1 for each supernatural and different faiths
2. The Sybarites 
    the hellfire club, xtreme sports, great white hunter
3. The Agency
    The pharmacy, Homeland Security, The Delaian League, Mandate of Heaven
4. The Union
    Monkeywrench, the Homesteaders, Neighborhood Watch, The Family 
5. The Eye
    The sanctum, Channel zero

scourge: choose a lore: one of the seven, all attacks have their damage type converted to  ag damage with any and all attacks against things covered by that lore, also they do not suffer wound penalties.  special background, :relic, gives magic items bonded to user though rituals

Sybarites: Extra merit level retest on any mental or social compulsion, on things such as blood bonds which gives no test instead they may spens a willpower to completely cancel the effect.
special background familiar: uses animal ghoul rules

The Agency: an extra trait with all items assigned by the agency, one unloseable influence at 5 dtermined by subgroup: special background, requisition: gets you magic items same as scourge but with tech basis bonded to user though super science

The Union: all imrpovised weapns give no penalty instead they count as the standard harrowing weapon of the appropriate size; blunt objects do bashing sharp objects do lethal and are treated as swords of the appropriate size: also all craft challenges are one category easier. special background Family ties: functions as mentor

The Eye: Clearsighted, all supernatural illusions or concealment powers below level 5 do not affect the clearsightsd, plus with a simple mental test they can determine the type of creature of anyone they can see. Special background :Network: functions as contacts but without geographic limitation.

hunters have a max willpower of 4
max traits of 10, 12 in primary
their special background cannot be lost and is always equal to their status in the organization

1 in 30,000 people is a hunter there are approx 10,127 hunters in the us active

in philly region
union is 80 guys
agency 50 guys
eye 10
sybarites 10
no permanent scourge presence although there was this time last year when like 30 of them came through. new york city and williamsburg virginia have the largest local concentrations. there have been rumors, so far unfounded of a scourge cell starting amongst the amish.

currently the hunters die at about 5% per annum and grow at 10%. every gigantic clusterfuck masquerade breach has a 100% chance of creating a hunter sometime in the next year. 
every clusterfuck masquerade breach has a 1 in 9 chance of hunter response, even if this is only inquiry. 

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