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Circle nonsense

 Circle nonsense

Some things always come
with the various ranks

  1. the cup—those
    who have tasted of the cup can perceive and communicate with all
    spirits that share a court with them.

recipient is now recognized as being of the court of vampire

  1. the tree –
    always have their body reactivated, they breathe, eat, sweat etc.
    they are now of the court of man if they weren’t before and
    can speak to all of the courts of man.

recipient is now recognized as being of the court of man

  1. the pit –
    those who succeed gain spirit speech and can communicate with any
    umbrood in their area so long as they have some way of perceiving
    it. More importantly they can also consume gnosis, pathos and
    leyline energy.

recipient is now recognized as being of the court of the city father
of their domain or whatever their domain has instead.

  1. the fire—can
    perceive all of the spirits in their area and communicate with them
    without energy cost, it does take a linguistics or kuldonics retest
    though. These powers only work at night, not that it comes up.

recipient is now recognized as a member of the court of Night

  1. good question.
    They do take lethal damage from sunlight instead of ag.

recipient is now recognized as a member of the court of the sun, good
luck with that.

Each clan has a spirit
court that they can become a member of with the recent slip of the
elders into the dreaming umbra. All Vampires are members of the court
of Vampires. Bloodlines are not a part of an active spirit court.
Unless they are of the court from which their lineage derives.

Aassamite - Destruction

Baali- The Inferno

Brujah- Time

Gangrel- The Beast

Giovanni - Death

Lasombra - Darkness

Malkavian - Time

Nosferatu – The

Settite - Set

Toreador - Love

Tremere – The

Tzmisce – The

Ventrue – Kings

Circle ritae:

The circle has the
following rites.

The cup- costs a blood
and a will, initiates you into the circle all drinking are 1 step
blood bound

The tree- your circle
mates hang you from a tree and are thrashed into torpor.

The pit – a pit
is dug and an iron spear placed through the heart of the person
undergoing the rite they are then buried, they have to get up.

The Pyre – the
supplicant is doused in propellant and set on fire. Their circle
mates put them out.

The Sun – the
supplicant greets the dawn and stares at the sun for as long as

Other useful circle

Peace of the wolf- a
sage smudge is burnt and the words chanted. For the rest of the night
werewolves will not attack the recipient, the recipient also cannot
attack werewolves. This cannot be dismissed unless the recipient in a
building with no werewolves in it.

Fluid tongue- A cup of
water is shared between the caster and the recipient, if they are of
the same court they can communicate.

Pact of blood –
the caster drives a rowan wood splinter through their palm and the
palm or other extremity of a spirit being both spend a blood or
equivalent. This causes the spirit in question to join the caster’s

Blood oath – both
caster and recipient can maintain a blood bond through the casting of
the first circle rite. Recipient must be aware of the blood bond and

Circle thaum.


Call the circle –
sit and chant over a cup of rainwater for 10 minutes, at the end of
10 minutes all those who are in your circle can communicate with you
magically they must say the words they wish carried to you out loud
even quietly for this to work. It lasts as long as the caster

Call the spirit- allows
the caster to speak to the strongest spirit in the room in which they
are now standing.

Whispered Taboo-

Caster knows the boon
and ban of the most powerful spirit in the room where they are
currently standing.


Call the guardian –
contacts the nearest spirit that is positively disposed towards the
caster. Of a spirit 3 or higher. The spirit must be within that
circle’s domain.

A note all circle
members can learn Sanguineous at in clan costs.

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