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Feeding Grounds

Here’s a list of the potential feeding grounds.  All areas not included in these are considered to have a rating of 0/2, unless some other reason is specified.  The number prior to the slash indicates the amount of blood that an area can freely give to a kindred hunting there (assuming that kindred does not need a specific type of blood.)  The number after the slash indicates the relative danger to the vampire overfeeding the area on the classic white-wolf scale.  Each incident of overfeeding will give a 1 in 3 chance of temporarily raising the danger rating of an area.


This scale assumes a minimalist feeding style, without overfeeding or deliberately killing.


Feeding in New Castle County (99 Normal)


Central Wilmington (40 Normal)


Market Street Rack 4/4

Trolley Square – Rack 4/2

Union Street Rack 4/2

Little Italy 2/3

Spanish Quarter 3/3

Brown Town 3/3

Death Valley 3/5

East Wilmington 4/5

Wawaset Park 1/1

Landlith 1/1

Edgemoor 1/1

Brandywine Park – 1/2 (3/1 w/ influence over zoo)

Rockford Park 1/1

Washington Street 2/1

Augustine 2/1

Northeast Boulevard 1/3

Riverfront 1/4

Rodney Square – Rack 2/2

Port of Wilmington 2/4

Gander Hill – 1/5 (3/2 w/ influence to move about prison)

              Colonial Heights – 1/4


North Wilmington  (13 Normal)


Bellefonte 1/1

Bellevue 1/1

Claymont 3/4

Arden 1/3

Fairfax 1/3

Brandywine Hundred 2/3

Talleyville 2/3

Winterthur 1/4

Brandywine Creek State Park – 1/1 (2/1 w/ ability to hunt animals)


West Wilmington (7 Normal)


Greenville 2/3

Hockessin 2/3

Yorklyn 1/3

Centerville 1/1

Pike Creek 2/2


South Wilmington (13 Normal)


Minquedale 1/4

Elsmere 2/1

Wilmington Manor 1/2

Collins Park 2/4

Newport 3/3

Delaware Park 2/4

Stanton 1/2

Prices Corner 1/1


New Castle (8 Normal)


New Castle County Airport 1/1

New Castle 3/2

Old New Castle 2/2

Christiana 2/2


Newark (8 Normal)


West Newark 1/1

University of Delaware 4/3

Brookside 2/4

Glasgow 1/1


Other Feeding in NCC (8 Normal)


Delaware City 1/4

Governor’s Square 2/2

Red Lion 1/2

Middletown 3/1

Odessa 1/2





Delaware Feeding Outside NCC Kent (14 Normal)


Smyrna (3 Normal)


              Old Smyrna 2/3

Smyrna Correctional – 1/4 (3/1 w/ influence to move about prison)


Dover (9 Normal)


Deleware State College – 3/2 (5 w/ races)

Old City 1/5

Rodney Park 2/2

Dover Air Force Base 3/7


Harrington 1/1


Milford 1/2


Delaware Feeding Outside NCCSussex (8 Normal)


Seaford – 2/2


Georgetown 1/1


Selbyville 1/3


Fenwick Island – 0/2 (2/3 during summer)


Bethany Beach – 1/2 (2/3 during summer)


Dewey – 1/2 (2/3 during summer)


Rehoboth – 1/1 (4/4 during summer)


Lewes – 2/2 (3/2 during summer)



Total Feeding in Delaware 121 under most circumstances.



Danger levels:

For any given danger level danger of one type can be replaced with danger of another. For example at danger level 2, instead of getting in a fight you could choose to feed of the obviously sloppy drunk girl and get the level 3 toxin instead. Or instead of feeding at the bar scene you could feed at a coffee shop and fight an 8/6/4 wired guy instead.  As with influences.  Two twos is a 3 two threes is a four etc, so you can raise the danger level or the infection by one and remove the risk of infection or ass kicking entirely. Otherwise you face both.


              1. Walk in the park. blood has a mild toxin (one drink in) imposing a 1 trait penalty, a 6/4/3 guy will conflict with you, probably nonviolently.

              2. Day at the races. blood has a toxin that imposes a 2 trait penalty of some sort AND a fight with a 7/5/3 guy, usually violent.

              3. A dark alley. blood has a toxin that imposes a 3 trait penalty or several toxins that impose penalties up to 3. You will get into a violent altercation with an 8/6/4 trained guy with some retests.

              4. Infected blood, you are a carrier, you are the carrier of a blood borne disease (herpes aids, syph), you will spread this disease to anyone who drinks from you or whom you drink from until cured. The person you are drinking from has 3 traits worth of toxin, you must somehow evade at least one undercover cop or gang member with 3 friends and guns.

              5. I do cocaine! The person you are feeding on has multiple debilitating drug habits, 2 worth 3 traits each or 3 worth 2 traits. They also have good friends, whether their suppliers or groupies or the cops about to bust them….and you. You must face 5 trained and alert cops, who have already called for backup before heading towards you. Or you are facing a gang of 7 goons with fully automatic assault weapons,

              6. It’s a trap! King’s men, the FBI or some other kindred aware organization is present. They’ve spotted you. Good luck.  Or you have managed to feed off of the mortal carriers of “gwendolyn’s plague” see a storyteller or some other kindred affecting magically debilitating effect.

              7. God, the corps then you. It’s the freaking army. They will shoot you. Or you have somehow managed to feed on an angry werewolf, or both. In ghetto scenes you are feeding on a military intelligence officer or an active pyrokinetic with a large violent organization behind them. Such as the society of Leopold. The toxins in this person will be dangerous, and possibly explosive.

              8. You’re not dead already? I need an Adult!. This person is a beautiful and unique snowflake of fucked. They deserve personal care and attention.  If this chart is being used by someone not in the central game get your local HST and try to remember the scene for the staff meeting it should be a riot. An example is trying to feed off of the Governor or the head of the local CDC, or the prince of your game.

              9. Stop, drop and lol. You cannot be this stupid and have survived character creation. Get this character’s narrator, an available HST and sit and have a discussion. If for some unforeseen reason this person is sensically performing this task. Grab what staff you can and think about the repercussions to your chronicle of generating a new character. Examples include trying to feed off of the Technocratic Illuminati, A ranked duke of hell, The ST’s mom, out of character. This is an in game continuity breaking event.

              10. Dave needed to know about this ten minutes ago. Grab Ben or Dave. Record all the details of the scene, pause time, save it for a staff meeting. Bring drinks to said meeting where you explain how one of your pcs is trying to feed off of the president of the united states. But really, even if they aren’t there, call Ben and Dave, mostly Dave. This is a cross-game continuum breach and should be treated with the seriousness of a Methuselah.

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