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Why? because fuck it, that's why. I need to work on something easy.

Constructs, by and large are not for pc use as they are not much fun to play. they are creatures designed for a task by some mad priest, wizard or scientist and by and large most constructs follow the rules of their makers. sometimes their makers die and the construct continues, sadly toiling at whatever task their masters put them towards. 

Transmutation system.
Lvl 1 +1 trait when using (ability)
Lvl 2 +1 skill retest when using (ability) even if it takes above 5
Lvl 3 Discipline level retest when using (ability)
Lvl 4 -----ability specific-------
Lvl 5 Win ties on (ability)
All of the powers cost 1 wp to activate for a Minute if that is your highest level, 
1 Azuth if you have it 1 level higher
free for lower levels.
Activating a transmutation takes an action unless otherwise noted.
when the power is activated it lasts for a minute at no additional cost and the power itself takes no action after it has been activated, using the power effectively however, i.e. throwing the lightning from the lightning power, observing the subject of the lore power etc, will likely take an action.
e.g. Mark the mummy has lvl 3 Melee Transmutation, he can activate a discipline retest for 1 wp, he can get +1 trait for free. he fights Paul Promethean who has Lvl 4, Paul can activate the same lvl 3 power for 1 azuth instead of a willpower.
Prometheans have Azuth = 10 minus current health levels, the azuth replenishes at the end of the round. Prometheans have 10 health levels. They only have azuth to spend when damaged.
their health levels are as follows
One Healthy, 8 Bruised, One Incapacitated 
Powers cost 5 x desired rating to increase or 5,5,10,10,15 freebies.
There are 9 fundamental Spheres or Sepher the Mummies/prometheans/etc can follow.
each rules three aspects of man's endeavor
Mummies have a starting willpower of 4 and their willpower increases by one for each sphere after their first that they enter.
Constructs Start with their traits maxed (12) because their creators (or embalmers) aren't going to go through the trouble and expense of making crappy artificial life or using low quality vessels. They are going to use the best. If they use anything less than the best, the spell to create the construct fails anyway, their trait max is 12, their minimum is 12, 12 is what they have.

They start with a single ability at 5 which must be of one of the three abilities within their ruling Sepher. They get 3 more levels of abilities to place as they see fit, no more than 2 of them can be in the same ability. 

They get 2 levels of Transmutation in whatever ability they have a 5 in and one level of transmutation in another skill within their sepher. 

They get no backgrounds or Freebie Points. They may not take merits or flaws. Every construct should begin play fresh from the table.

Every construct has 3 laws, placed in them by their creator that they must obey. These laws must be approved by staff. Attempting to disobey these instructions subjects the construct to the same restrictions as attempting to suppress a mental influence. (see Willpower trait section 6)

Constructs can heal 1 health level at the cost of 1 willpower. Some powers can change this. An extended craft, medicine or expression challenge can also heal a health level at a difficulty of the number of health levels taken. This challenge takes a number of days equal to the difficulty. Constructs regain 1 willpower per day.  

The constructs Need electricity to function. They need to use one unit of electricity to be active for one hour. This unit grants them 5 attribute traits that can be split up as they see fit. They must put one in each category to be active. Any extra traits over their maximum (12) are lost. They can decide to run on less than their full traits (12) and instead run on lower power to conserve energy. Their Bodies can store 10 units of electricity.  They gain a unit of electricity for every health level of electrical damage applied to them. They do not take damage from electricity it is instead converted into units. Any additional electricity over their battery still does no damage but the units are lost.

Constructs take bashing damage from bullets and halve bashing damage taken round down minimum 1 as vampires do. they are also immune to damage from electricity.

One of a mummies experience tracks is set by their master. if they have no master they lose the use of one experience track. things programmed by their master cost 1 fewer exp to a minimum of 1, on top of all other benefits.

Kether - Leadership, Politics, Awareness - Diamond
Chokmah - Athletics, Finance, Survival - Platinum
Binah - Empathy, Lore, Medicine - Silver
Chesed - Defense, Investigate, Security - Tin
Geburah - Brawl, Firearms, Intimidate - Iron
Tiphareth - Expression, Crafts, Melee - Gold
Netzach - Animal Ken, Occult, Scrounge - Copper
Hod - Science, Academics, Drive - Mercury
Ysod - Stealth, Subterfuge, Streetwise - Lead

Besides this, a constructs trait maximum is 12 in all three categories and they do not get a primary, secondary or tertiary. they are made by formula. When a construct learns all of the Transmutations of their sphere they may seek out another sphere to master, this requires a period of activity during which the Construct must complete a task set by staff in which they show mastery over all three skills that would be taught by the new sepher. They must then lay dormant for a lunar month unable to animate their bodies while their azuth turns inward, dissolving their bodies partially to carve new channels for their change. Something should probably guard them while they go through this transformation. The transformation requires access to a place with circumstances that would cause the construct to be able to spend 3 azuth a night but not actually kill them. The Damage to gain azuth must be inflicted by the ruling metal of the sphere they are attempting to enter.

level 4 transmutations

*Leadership as per summon

*Politics As per mask of 1000 faces without any expenditure requirement to mimic a specific person and can mimic any form the promethean has seen, this disguise is not subject to being penetrated by powers up to level 5 as the flesh is actually changing shape. imitates image and voice perfectly.

*Awareness, the construct can see into all umbras and is aware of and sees through if illusion any supernatural effect of a level lower than the construct's awareness transmutation that is happening in the same room.

*Athletics, the golem can move along and adhere to any solid or liquid surface (walls, ceilings, water, etc.)  The golem takes no step penalties for doing so.   Further, when the power is active, the golem may take an extra twelve steps, also at no penalty.

*Finance engage in mental challenge with subject, know the details of any one of their backgrounds or influences,

*Survival engage someone in a mental challenge, know the number of points on their character sheet.

*Empathy as per auspex mind probe (lvl 4),

*Lore engage subject in mental challeneg, know what the highest level of one (victim's choice) of their powers is, to what level they have it and what the power (and previous powers in the discipline or path) do, multiple uses of the power target different powers.

*Medicine regenerate one health level per round

*Defense reduces all damage you take by 1 

*Investigate, as per Scry,

*Security as per Temportal in Hearth Path of Thaumaturgy except it works on any building you are in , not just your own haven.

*Brawl, the promethean's hand attacks do four bashing damage

*Firearms take a full round action and make a mass firearms attack  with everyone you chose in the room, regardless of number of opponents. you must have enough ammunition to perform this attack.,

*Intimidate as per howl of terror, with cost adjusted.

*Expression the ability to communicate with anyone over any distance,

*Crafts, if the mummy so wills it, when touching an object (which may require a physical challenge for an object on someone's person) the mummy may make a simple test.  If this test succeeds (win or tie) the object is destroyed, unless it a) larger than the mummy or b)is built or enchanted to not be destroyable by a fifth level power or greater.

*Melee your melee attacks do an additional two levels of damage.

*Animal Ken, The mummy may enter the state of frenzy for one minute, with all of the flaws (attacking everyone in sight, etc.) and benefits(immune to most mental and social challenges, for example) that come with that state.  This state can end when the mummy desires it to end or when a supernatural power is applied that can cause it to end.

*Occult, as per thaumaturgical countermagic level 3

*Scrounge, know the direction and distance to the nearest of any non-unique noun.

*Science, shoot a bolt of lightning out of your hands this bolt can hit anything the character can see, it does 3 lethal it uses science as a retest.

*Academics, Allows the promethean to speak the language and understand the language of anything that she can perceive for ten minutes.

Drive allows you to drive unmolested through the labrynth.

*Stealth, turn invisible, anyone attempting to hit you is down two traits and you have a blindness retest against them. as per blur of the milky eye, werewolf gift except it cannot be penetrated by powers of any level.

*Subterfuge Anyone who says something untrue in the same room as you takes 2 levels of bashing, one level if its a half truth or misleading. Any use of subterfuge to un-say something counts as a half truth. 

*Streetwise, Always know the correct set of directions to safely (or as safely as possible) get to anything or anyone you have touched since learning this power.

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