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System Mechanics for Umbrood and spirits (old)

System Mechanics for Umbrood
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Saturday, 05 April 2008 01:56
System mechanics for Umbrood.  Will be added to the right section soon.


System mechanic

All spirits belong to a number of courts/have a number of fetters equal to their power rating

Power level Age max traits

1 1 human generation 2 (plant intellect) 0 gift

2 2 human generations 4 (animal intellect) 1 gift

3 3 human generations 6 (child intellect) 1 gift

4 100 years 8 (human character sheet) 2 gifts

5 200 years 10 4 gifts

6 300 years 12 7 gifts

7 400 years 14 11 gifts

8 500 years 16 15 gifts

9 777 years 18 20 gifts

10 1000 years 20 (dreaming umbrood) (26 gifts)

11+ per epoch +2 (lots of gifts)


at power rating 10 a spirit no longer requires tethers to exist merely to maintain contact with the earth, they become a middle umbrood. Transcending their coil of flesh, They cannot interact with the mortal realm without possessing a fetter or supplicant. A spirit cannot interact with a spirit of any court it is not a member of without use of a gift or charm.

Shallowings occur when the spirit of a place is a member of 2 or more courts and still manifest in the world. This is more likely to occur when spirits get a temporary bump from celestial confluences.


Besides pure age pother things can be used to temporary or semi-permanently alter a spirit’s power rating.

Energy (in the form of human attention and pathos).

Geomancy magically significant location or construction.

Event certain celestial confluences, (day/night, season, etc) can give from a +2 to -2 to power ratings.


Energy and geomancy go from 1 to 5 but you will never find higher than a 3 of either in Delaware


  1. Noticed- seen by many (a few hundred people notice but do not interact with this thing, a billboard, a building) or faithfully attended by one person (a child’s teddy bear)

  2. Attended – Attended by the by the faithful (a group of at least 5 full time attendants seeing to the needs of the thing, fewer if there is 24 hour attention) or seen and interacted with by thousands. A popular local tv show. A college sports team.

  3. Venerated – Worshipped by some, known by many. At least 10 people devote their entire lives to this thing, day and night, thousands watch and have heard its name. A professional football team, a local monument, a cable tv show.

  4. Blood sacrifice - At least one person this year has died for this thing. Tens of thousands have worshipped it, acts in its service can support a full time staff of hundreds. The Rolling Stones, Starbucks, A Soap Opera.

  5. Global Power – Recognized and respected the world over. Everyone should be able to look upon the symbol of this thing and understand why someone would die for it. At least in conceptia if not themselves. America, CNN, Oprah



  1. space sanctified by any power (church, glade, something)

  2. on a leyline

  3. node

  4. rift/trod/moonbridge

  5. obvious international place of power.


Possible umbral terms

The living umbra near umbra penumbra

The dreaming umbra middle umbra shadowlands

The sleeping umbra deep umbra the deeps


Twilight realm walkabout the holy spirit

Lands beyond dreamtime jesus

Far shores the never never the father


Spirits are always doing all they can as hard as they can. When you hit a table with a hammer the spirit of the hammer is trying to harm the spirit of the table as and the spirit of the table is trying to resist. When the spirit of an object or thing is slain, the object becomes useless and will deteriorate over time unless repairs are made. These repairs can be mundane but may result in a new spirit being created instead of the old spirit being repaired.

Spirits are never doing anything that you might notice, beyond holding together what’s already going on. In order to get a spirit to produce a visible supernatural effect it must be infused with enough energy to take it to a higher power level, at least temporarily.

Things in the living umbra you can hit with a hammer from the physical world. They are their fetters/tethers in a very meaningful way. The spirit of a bench, a table, etc. they take corpus damage when you pass through them.

Things in the dreaming umbra can be affected from the physical world by attacking their fetters but they cannot be directly damaged or hit unless they are somehow made present. They often have many bodies/feters they can possess.

Things in the sleeping umbra can be affected by things that are affected by things in the physical world. But they are without physical referent. You cannot draw a sleeping umbrood, you can draw something that is a member of a court of a sleeping umbrood, but this is not the same. You can also draw/affect something that a sleeping umbrood has infused with its power and destroy that power.

Example, Aphrodite is of the courts of love, Aphrodite can place some of Love own bounteous energy in a vase for the use of her followers. You can destroy the vase and there will be a little less love in the world.


Spirits can only perceive and interact with things that share a court with them without the use of a charm or gift. This is important.


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