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Werewolf Fetishes

Werewolf Fetishes
General rules:
1. a werewolf may only have one of any given type of fetish. The fetish is equal to the rank of the werewolf when they quested to get the fetish. save for the greater fetishes which posses no rank. In the event that they desire obtain a higher ranked fetish than the one they currently have, the previous, lower ranked fetish is destroyed. 
2. To make a fetish requires the following three steps. 
    I. a ritual equal to the level of the fetish or the level for ritual to make a greater fetish must be cast for the individual but not necessarily by the individual who will obtain the fetish.
    II. A craft challenge equal in class to the level of the fetish must be made, the challenge is class 6 in case of a greater fetish. 
    III. A quest must be undertaken for the incarna to which the fetish is dedicated, this quest is of equivalent difficulty to any other quest you would undertake for rank at this time. These quests may occur out of traditional rank order with the following exception, you may quest for any of the greater fetishes only at rank 4 or higher and it is ill advised at rank 4.
3. fetishes can only be used by the werewolf who quested for them. The fetish in anyone else's hands is slightly worse than useless, the manner in which it is useless is defined in each fetish.
4. fetishes change to be usable in any form the garou may find themselves in, fetishes always cross the umbra with the werewolf and stay with the werewolf no matter where they may go.

Ice Talon
An Ice talon can forgoe the damage you would normally do with a hit and instead remove the following:
lvl 1 1 temporary rage
lvl 2 a temp rage and a temp gnosis
lvl 3 2 temp rage, a temp gnosis and a temp willpower
lvl 4 2 temp rage 2 temp gnosis and a temp willpower
lvl 5 3 temp rage, 2 temp gnosis and 2 temp willpower
Umbral Mirror:
allows you to carry objects not native to their current umbral location up to a distance from a caern or shallowing.
level 1: 1 mile
Level 2: 5 miles
Level 3: 10 miles
Level 4: 50 Miles
Level 5: 100 Miles
The objects will then stay in their non native umbral layer for one hour per level of fetish.
The mask grants the wearer a number of social traits equal to its level.
A  Klaive is a weapon wieldable by a werewolf including a werewolf in frenzy, it can be drawn or sheathed in frenzy. It is treated as a silver weapon for the purposes of inflicting damage. 
lvl 1 provides one bonus trait, does 1 ag
lvl 2 2 traits 1 ag
lvl 3 3 traits 2 ag
lvl 4 4 traits 2 ag
lvl 5 5 traits 3 ag
The shadow staff allows the garou to defend against mental or social challenges with their physical traits instead albeit at a penalty, -5 at level 1; -4 at level 2, -3 at level 3, -2 at level 4 and -1 at level 5.
is a weapon that grants 0 traits and does 0 levels of damage. Each successful strike with the bonelash inflicts a penalty equal to the level of the bonelash on the target's physical, mental, and social challenges against the wielder of the bonelash.
The excruciator may be activated at the cost of no action. When activated it causes its level in rage triggers to be currently active on you. It remains on for one minute before shutting itself off.
A dreamcatcher is a weapon, usually a net on a stick, that grants one trait per level of the weapon. the weapon does one level of bashing damage and when it successfully hits it reduces the movement speed of anything without a physical body to 0 steps per round for one hour or until the wielder of the dreamcatcher lets the spirit go.
opens up a portal though the labrynth and a portal at the caern at which one is exiting. The exit must be within. It takes 3 rounds to traverse the labrynth regardless of speed. Any Spirit attatched to the node on the other end is immediately aware of who and what is incoming.
lvl 1 one mile
Lvl 2 ten miles
Lvl 3 one hundred Miles
Lvl 4 one thousand miles
Lvl 5 anywhere.
Anyone in the defined room with you except the stone wielder loses one step per action per level of the stone if activated, activating this item does not take an action.
Spirit Pouch
The spirit pouch is a gnosis battery in which the garou can store additional gnosis equal to the level of the bag. This gnosis does not count towards one's permanent gnosis. retrieving gnosis from the bag does not cost an action. you must spend a gnosis to put that gnosis in the bag.
Ring of Obedience
As majesty (see vampire presence) but only affects those with pure breeding. Affects anyone with a rank lower than that of the ring. Works on werewolves in frenzy.
Grand Klaive
This is identical to the klaive only two handed, grants 4 traits and 4 ag.
Hagenthi's Maw
Take a living but helpless entity, toss into hagenthi's may, usually a meat grinder or something. It does one health level per round of lethal damage.  When the target is destroyed you gain every ability and power that they had that you don't for one hour.
When Any oath is sworn in the presence of the tablets, if this oath is violated in the next year, the violator gets the flaw Dark Fate.
Blood Chalice
When one drinks from the chalice for a full round they are healed, their wounds heal, they are no longer poisoned, their wounds heal. This only works on the cupholder. 
This spear does 3 levels of fire damage, usually ag but your mileage may vary, allows you to attack any entity in sight with a melee attack using any of your powers (silverclaws, etc) regardless of distance and obstacles.
Bottled Night
Bottled night contains a cloud of tenebrous smoke. When unstoppered the smoke will bear the garou aloft allowing them to move in any direction up to their movement and causing all within range room of the garou to be blinded as per obtenebration shroud of night. the bottleholder is not blinded.
Fulminous Carapace
this is armor that grants 3 extra traits on defense, 3 health extra health levels, with no penalty. the armor regenerates one of its health levels per round during the regeneration phase of combat.  

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