Sunday, July 1, 2012

Watashi Wa Nezumi Da

So, I'm home again after Bronycon and I might have stopped in the most American place in the world. I passed through a crowd of Chinese nationals buying electronics to send home, past a booth where a man was selling illegal fourth of July fireworks, and into a Walmart that had a McDonald's inside. This was the first time I had seen such a thing. All of the ones near me have Little Caesar's. I was looking for the bathroom and the first three people I saw, blue clad workers,  spoke no English.  In fractured Spanish I found out where the potty was and became like many visitors in this strange land. I showed up, commented on the decor, took a giant dump and left. Pausing only to use some of their resources. Unlike many  visitors to this American metaphor, I stopped and was briefly grateful to each person who had helped me on my way. I then promptly bought the most overpriced thing I could find (A fountain Coke) out of a feeling of obligation to the people whose wherewithal I had used for my own personal enrichment. We drove home. Now the reason for the post title is I have made it home to my bedroom and people have compared my room to a rat's nest many a time. It's a large wodge of blankets and pillows haphazardly mixed with stuffed animals and clothes. But recently I have accidentally acquired a desktop so it is now also overrun with thick surge protector cables  that criss cross the environment, lacing between fans, computer parts, portable devices in mid charge and old crt's. The cables are kept away form the cloth because of  fire safety and all. All and all I feel most comfortable here with the hum of the wires and the fan. There's an rpg I'm playing where several of the npcs have mistaken me for one of the prolific species of that world, rats that take human form. They don't mean that in a bad way. They're good folk, the Nezu, and pillars of the community. But I think I see their point.

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