Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catching up part 2

Thursday morning was spent swimming, then there were a pair of Pickup Jeepform games. Well, only one of them, Doubt was a proper Jeepform  The other game was a Freeform put together by some people who run Jeepforms called Let The World Burn. It's a lot of fun. For those who don't know what a Jeepform is, it is the antithesis of ethical gaming within the social contract, as a matter of fact it is as far from being a larp while using the same tools as being a sailor is from being a mountaineer. Both careers involve heavy use of the use rope skill and care about weather, that is about it. Although, fun fact something I found out about Jeepforms and the use rope skill... never mind. In a normal Larp the separation between character and self is essential to sustain a game world and the suspension of disbelief, not only that but to  properly make a sustainable environment people have to have actions in character not affect or be strongly affected by actions out of character. Jeepforms encourage a thing called Bleed. Bleed is when you take context, emotion and out of character desires and motivations and impose them on your character in order to use the character to explore those things in a consequence light environment. Jeeps are specifically crafted to maximise Bleed. Freeforms of the same school allow Bleed and function when players are bleeding  but it is not expressly necessary for the game to function and while the structure of the game allows it, it does not specifically try to induce it. Due to the personal nature of the Jeepform experience I will not be telling anyone how it went especially not in an open forum like this one.
Thursday evening we all had empanadas and discussed making a squirt gun based larp  called Urban Island in which you save poor unfortunates from heatstroke. You start with a sponge and work your way to fire hose. It still has some teething troubles.
Friday morning, More swimming followed by the Iron GM competition. The ingredients were Phasm, Potion factory, and Payback. I came in third, got some cool prizes. If you want to see more about it it was totally televised on the net and for all I know on espn 8 'the ocho' The winner was one of the guys from Hitmouse, an Indie RPG studio that I love and respect. I'll be glad to see him at Gen Con. Then the EOE team played in Live action space marine. It was cool. It was a lot of fun, the props were excellent, they had randomizers built into nifty guns, provided costumes for everyone, the sets were great and the game was terrific . There were a few teething troubles as this was the first time the game had been played. Also it emphasized to me just how much of the base Warhammer mechanics are luck and rely on massive troop numbers to have strategy have any meaning by letting the law of averages play out.  Then drinking, then sleep.

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