Monday, July 2, 2012

Turnaround time

Well now that I've been home, spent a day at work its time to pack again for another con. Dexcon this time. It's a lot of fun,  I get to run the same pony nonsense as I did in Bronycon but also the new Champions piece and good old Changeling. God willing and all his little angels nothing important will explode, be damaged or be stolen by kleptomaniacs in strollers. There's a story behind that but not a good one. I've been doing my best to keep up correspondence with the various Californians I've met and rationalists and its been largely hit or miss, but its silly season for them too. I think I'll be doing more long form prose in another week or so when I have more than a few seconds to breathe. On the plus side, new Terry Pratchett "The Long Earth". Am I the only person who when they order Amazon things to themselves always fill out the gift card with a note to myself so I can remember the context under which I ordered the object? Or maybe just a reminder because the post will come later. I bought a book for myself with some surplus I had and wrote to myself on the book. "I hope you had a good date. If you have not made the time for her, do that now." knowing that I would be mad superbusy and not take the time to really care for my partner. So we went out today, her favorite restaurant. It was a calm moment in the eye of the hurricane and worthwhile.  Interesting part is I almost never remember writing the note, but notes delivered with a gift have greater impact. The rationalists call this "doing something to affect your future self." Me I am not certain the notes are coming from my past self as I only have Amazon's word for it, but whoever is sending them the advice is good. I'm pretty sure past me is the same shortsighted jerk that present me but hey. Have kept up the good work! (time travel tense is weird)

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