Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Run as fast as you can just to keep Still

I managed my way through the 1200 words in fits and starts but it took 2 days so I owe another 200. this is going to really kill next week when I have to do 300 per day. So I have been having an interesting conversation with a scientist who says that one of the best ways to get reliable metadata about publishing and writing is to engage in fanfiction. Apparently unlike traditional authorship methods fanfiction has reliable metrics of quality, a large base of readers who are willing and able to comment and a pretty fast turnaround time for editing. This having been said it is still fanfiction and having the madness of the crowd determine your style may or may not be the same as having a room full of out of touch editors do it. He does have some interesting metrics about wuality of stories as they vary with size. he uses views upvotes downvotes etc to make a complex formula replicated here. http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/44123 . apparently 2000-8000 words is the sour spot for terrible stories. More than 8k and you see an increase in quality, also less than 1k and you see a steady climb. So I am thinking I'll keep increasing my daily output of basically barfing on the page all this week. Then increase and increase and increase until I can reasonably hit 1000 per day then stop and work on polish and editing and polish and editing. It's probably not a terrible  plan.

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