Friday, May 29, 2009

Holy Crap Its Been A week Changeling Creation

Finals Week Eh?
SO here's something everyone can anjoy I should be getting back up to snuff in a couple days.

Character Creation
All changelings start with the standard rules for character creation for vampire, with the following exceptions:
Morality - In place of one's nature and demeanor, a changeling regains willpower from their motivation. A motivation must be a goal or task. When achieving a portion of one's goal, or action in the furtherance of their goal a character may at the staff's discretion regain a willpower. Changelings have four virtues.
Compassion - the character's empathy and forgiveness
Conviction - a character's resistance to physical or mental pain and hardship
Temperance - a character's self control and clearheadedness
Valor - a character's bravery and courage
A person's starting Clarity is their Conviction plus Temperance
Starting Wyrd is 1
Glamor = Valor+Compassion+Wyrd
A changeling cannot hold in their system more than their Glamour in points of Glamour. All excess must be somehow stored, usually in oaths.
everyone starts with 9 dots of virtues, with one free in each.
A character can spend as much of their glamor pool as they like per turn.
Willpower starts at 3 + lowest virtue and has a maximum of 7 + lowest virtue.
Characters have a number of intimacies equal to their compassion. an intimacy is a noun, person place thing or ideal, a character is up one trait on challenges dealing with their intimacies. intimacies cannot be changed except by losing a point of compassion and when a new point is purchased a new intimacy is chosen.
Trait max = 12 +2 for primary +1 for secondary.
Changelings start at 7, 5, 3 in their Attributes. They get 10 levels of Skills

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