Sunday, May 31, 2009

Changeling Tokens 1 of 5

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Tokens, Other Wyld Forged Goods
All Tokens or other magic items must be made of some physical earth substance which is then treated in the Wyld. There are 2 extended static checks for any item. the first is to make the physical object. The requires a crafts or scrounge challenge of a level of complexity equal to the level of the item. There is then a Craft Wyld challenge of a level of complexity equal to the level of the item to make sure you get the item properties you want. e.g a sword which wields itself instead of a dancing sword that tap-dances. The item must then be placed in the Wyld to gather a number of mutation points equal to the level of the item. some sort of guard or precaution should probably be taken to ensure the crafter does not also mutate and to ensure the item stays put and is not stolen by goblins or something. A character Must Attune all items before use. A character may have a number of attuned items no greater than their Valor + Wyrd. It takes 1 hour per level of the item to attune it. A point of glamour may be spent to reduce this time by one hour per point. Once an item's effect is activated that item slot is full until the effect ends. e.g. if a person has a sealing wax block attuned and a Wyrd +valor of 2. They cannot attune their level 2 sword until all of the seals have been broken or removed.

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