Monday, May 4, 2009

Hazy Shades of Winter (Courts 4 of 5)

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The Court of Winter is a society of Philosopher Warriors, Scholars and Scientist soldiers. They believe in the triumph of Reason over madness, of Order over chaos, and Temperance over passion
1. Destroy all manifest creatures of the Never Never in the true world
2. Understand the ways of your enemies. Teach others to defend themselves.
3. Do not succumb to overwhelming passion or frenzy
4. Suffer not the Life of those who would Challenge the Supremacy of the True World and call the Fey to Earth
5. Protect the dreams of mortals from the Morphean Bile (Dream Venom)
6. Increase the knowledge of the court, study the world both magical and mundane.
7. Maintain Clarity of Thought, do not allow your senses to deteriorate.

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