Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Changeling life 2 of 4

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Changeling Citizen
Early Morning: Wake up, prod my dreamer to make breakfast, go back to bed. Soon s/he will go to work and I'll get showered and dressed. Brush teeth and give them a kiss goodbye before they go. Spend an hour doing whatever the day's chores are or calling one of my bonds(wo)men to do them for me.
Midday: Begin exercising check weapons, recite spells, a prepared changeling is a living changeling. Head over to the local court to see what crap job they have for me today. Check my fetch's facebook and twitter to see what they're up to.
Afternoon:Listen to some noble jackhole go on about honor/compassion/Science!/piety or whatever I knew them last month when they were doing my job. See if I can't put on the recruiter face and wrangle some courtless schlubs or wyld creatures to help me kill this beast/rescue this jerk/fulfill this oath/complete this quest that the higher ups can't be bothered to do themselves.
Evening:Crap, my circlemate/lover/oathbound/fellow courtmember is dead. gotta hide gotta hide gotta hide. This is why we always tell people not to go out without a fellow courtier. Better him than me. Ah the freehold, now the people with real rank can solve the real problems, I'm going to get some glamour.
Night: If I'm lucky, back home to dreamers and my happy fake life. If I'm not Sir/Lady jackhole is dead and now I've got to stay in the freehold, guarding it at night while lord/lady badass recovers from the day. Either way, I'm not going outside at night.

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